Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
I’m not a huge St. Patrick’s day celebrator, but I loveeeee green food!
St. Patrick’s Day can easily be the ultimate healthy eating day of green fruits and veggies!

I hope you have an amazing monday and eat your greens, little bunnies.
Check in on my Instagram as I’ll be eating healthy green foods ALL DAY!
Tag your healthy green meals #healthystpatricksday and let’s see what everyone is making.

Anyone else willing to accept the challenge to eat green rabbit food all day?!

Enjoy my roundup of healthy green recipes for your healthy St. Patrick’s Day!


1. Cucumber Tea Toast

Cucumber Tea Toast


2. Avocado ToastAvocado Toast1


3. Hemp Protein PancakesHemp Prtein Pancakes


4. Hail To the Kale SaladChef AJ Hail to the Kale Recipe


5. Tempeh and Green Vegetables with Peanut SauceTempeh with Green Vegetables and Peanut Sauce


6. Kale ChipsKale Chips


7. Spinach ChipsSpinach-Chips9


8. Spinach HummusSpinach-Hummus-Cabo-Chips-1


9. Kiwi GreenieKiwi Greenie


10. Gargantuan Green GiantGargantuan Green Giant


11. Mango Avo SmoothieMango Avocado Smoothie


12. It’s Easy Being Green Kale SmoothieIt's Easy Being Green Kale Smoothie


13. Avo Fruit SmoothieAvo Fruit Smoothie


14. Snickerdoodle Green SmoothieSnickerdoodle-Green-Smoothie-4


15. Copycat {whole foods} Tropical Green SmoothieWhole-Foods-Copycat-Tropical-Green-Smoothie-3


16. Pistachio Ice Cream SmoothiePistachio Ice Cream Smoothie


17. Thin Mint Protein SmoothieThin Mint Girl Scout Cookie Smoothie


18. Simple Green SmoothieSpimple-Easy-Green-Spoomtie-3-520x518

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