Who’s ready for the Super Bowl?!

Since Super Bowl Sunday is usually a day of snacking while watching the big game, I wanted to introduce you to my favorite chips and healthy dip!


Let me start off by saying that Cabo Chips won’t cure health issues, but they are definitely one of the healthiest tortilla chips on the market, and most importantly… they taste delicious!

If you grew up in Southern California like me, you probably grew up eating Have’a Corn Chips. Well let me tell you, that as someone who was raised in Orange County and ate Have’a Chips with every sandwich, Cabo Chips are actually better. They’re evenly coated in soy sauce so that each chip that touches your tastebuds is loaded with that perfect soy flavor. You won’t have to search the bottom of the bag for the broken pieces of “dark” chips that actually taste like soy sauce! (California kids… You totally know what I’m talking about!) There is no other way to describe these chips than LEGIT! NON-GMO verified, 100% whole grain, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher. OH EM GEEE. As Healthy as tortilla chips can get!

Cabo Chips are unique because they are truly authentic restaurant/cantina style tortilla chips. It starts with stone ground non-gmo corn cooked fresh daily into delicious tortillas which are hand cut into triangles and cooked in non-gmo expeller pressed soybean oil. They are then seasoned by hand with real ingredients – no powders or “natural flavorings” here just real lime juice and either gluten free soy sauce or sea salt depending on the flavor. Cabo Chips are light, crispy, and flaky, and they’re great on their own but also sturdy enough for dipping.

Again, Cabo Chips are one of the few non-gmo project verified corn tortilla chips and they’re are also vegan, gluten free, 100% whole grain, and Kosher! I’m in Love!

Now for the dippage:
Spinach Hummus

1.5 cups spinach, packed
1 15oz can garbanzo beans
3 Tbsp lemon juice
1 glove garlic
1/8 tsp sea salt

Combine all ingredients in a high powered blender or food processor and puree until creamy and smooth. The mixture will resemble a thick paste.


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66 Responses so far.

  1. These sounds delicious! I’d love to try them.

    Response from Lindsey
  2. I loveeeeeee chicken wings!

    Response from Helen
  3. I never had spinach hummus before, so I’ll need to give this a try.

    Response from Juana
  4. I tend to go for the pizza, but this year I’m hoping to make a healthy version!

    Response from Lauren
  5. The closest I get to healthy snacks for the Super Bowl, are chips and salsa! I do make my own salsa, but I usually by the totally processed, artifial chips– so I hope I get a chance to try these! They sound delicious!

    Response from Jennifer R.
  6. veggies and dips

    Response from kl
  7. My favorite is pico de gallo with tortilla chips. I’m vegan so a lot of super bowl party food doesn’t jive with me! ;)

    Response from Katie @ Produce on Parade
  8. Buffalo Cauliflower!

    Response from Alecia
  9. Er, does beer count?

    Response from CL
  10. Guacamole is my favorite Super Bowl snack!

    Response from Beth T
  11. Hummus! Always hummus!!

    Response from Kate Stephens
  12. Veggies and hummus are a must!

    Response from Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine
  13. i love corn chips! I could eat a bag in a sitting. I am hoping to eat more veggies with dip this year.

    Response from emily
  14. Veggies and hummus!

    Response from Jennifer
  15. I like a light version of spinach artichoke dip

    Response from Kaylin @ Enticing Healthy Eating
  16. Fruit tray!


    Response from Courtney
  17. Yum! Spinach Hummas sounds and looks so delicious. I really want to buy a food processor, I feel like so many more options are available once you have one! :)

    Response from Madie Fiedler
  18. The pictures are so beautiful and everything looks delicious. Yum! :)
    I’ve never heard of Cabo Chips before – I’ll have to look into them. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! God bless you! :)

    Response from Mariah
  19. I love Skinny Taco Dip!!!

    Response from Anna
  20. hummus and veggies

    Response from sarah
  21. I love making buffalo dip, but a lightened up version!

    Response from Ellen S
  22. We have a multiple of goodies. We do pizza, chips and dips, and a veggie and fruit tray.

    Response from Missy
  23. I love black eyed pea dip.

    Response from Jessica
  24. Used to be chicken wing dip! This year I’ll be making spicy roasted cauliflower!

    Response from Kate
  25. I love to have roasted red pepper hummus!

    Response from Nancy A.
  26. Love pita chips.

    Response from jeanne
  27. Yummy! I’m not a football girl, so I never usually eat anything special for the Super Bowl!

    Response from Aja Frost
  28. Being a hard-core hummus fan (MUST have LOTS of garlic) I am going to go get some spinach tomorrow because this looks SOOOOO good!
    The Cabo chips sound fantastic… drool worthy. :)
    Thanks for all the great recipes!
    ~ Christina

    Response from Christina in Cleveland
  29. I love all flavors of hummus!

    Response from barbara n
  30. i like having an extra large salad.
    not too much dressing,either.

    Response from Tabitha P.
  31. Chips & salsa!

    Response from Brie @ Lean, Clean, & Brie
  32. I love chips with mango peach salsa. mmmm.

    Response from Angela P
  33. i’m all about the desserts!

    Response from Bianca @ Sweet Dreaming
  34. Simple guacamole – avocados, lime and garlic powder.

    Response from Becki @ Bites 'n Brews
  35. I usually have chips and salsa and I make a big batch of chocolate chip cookies for all to enjoy- yummy!!

    Response from Emily
  36. Response from Noelle (@singerinkitchen)
  37. I always find myself eating the carrots and celery that are by the wing tray. Hummus is always good too :)

    Response from Melissa
  38. These sound so yummy! Every time I’m in the supermarket snack aisle, I fight a battle with my potato chip addiction; they’re so unhealthy and I can eat the whole bag while watching a football game. These would be a much healthier alternative, and they sound like they have that potato chip crunch – much better than the supermarket tortilla chips I end up with.

    Response from Diane Vandermast
  39. This recipe sounds so yummy! One of my favorite type of chips to dip in hummus is black bean chips :) Guacamole and chips is another one of my go-tos!

    Response from Samm Rich
  40. These sound very tasty, I would love a good tortilla chip, plus this hummus sounds divine

    Response from Amanda B
  41. Hummus, salsa, guac….any sort of (vegan!) dipping sauce!

    Response from Chelsea
  42. Sadly in my 23 years of living I have yet to attend a Super Bowl party. This years the year!

    Response from Lauren
  43. hummus and Food Should Taste Good chips

    Response from jenni
  44. kale chips

    Response from christina
  45. homemade salsa!!

    Response from Dana
  46. Mix nofat sour cream with no-fat yogurt, add tons of crab and a tiny bit of bay seasoning. Serve with cut up raw veggies – string beans, cauliflower, broccoli, slivers of fennel, celeriac, celery, carrots, you name it! Yum!

    Response from Rosie
  47. Veggie and dips

    Response from Mona
  48. I want to try Buffalo Cauliflower Anything spicy Is great for a game day.

    Response from Jordan
  49. love your recipe for the spinach hummus. I may just have to whip this up {ill be running to the store for more spinach. love that you didn’t use tahini…I never buy it. living in central NY I have never been out west to Cali {someday} Id love a chance to try the Cabo chips!!!! Im sure they wouldn’t disappoint.

    Response from rebecca sangiacomo
  50. Cherry tomatoes with roasted onion hummus.

    Response from Bonnie Erika
  51. Hummus on gluten free pretzels!

    Response from Jaclyn Reynolds
  52. I love Garlic Parmesan Tempeh Wings.

    Response from HilLesha
  53. Favorite snack would have to be raw veggies and hummus.

    Response from Andrea
  54. That dip sounds great! I love baby carrots and I think that would pair well!

    Response from Rebecca Wright
  55. My favorite healthy game snacks are veggies with hummus and kale chips!

    Response from Caroline
  56. Celery and Greek Yogurt Dip.

    Response from Susan Christy
  57. Fresh veggies and chips

    Response from Terry F
  58. I love guacamole & carrots on game day!

    Response from Greg L'Etoile-Lopes
  59. Give me hummus and cucumbers and I’m happy.

    Response from Brittany L'Etoile-Lopes
  60. ooooh a good trade-off for have’a sounds divine!

    Response from Analise Martinez
  61. Veggie pizza!

    Response from Erica Timmons
  62. I love me some buffalo chicken wings!!! …and hummus :)

    Response from Jahaira
  63. I love hummus and carrots!! :)

    Response from Ashley
  64. I’m looking for tortilla chips like these for weeks now, but here in Germany it’s almost impossible to find something like that. :(
    But I keep looking …

    Response from Cathy
  65. I usually only eat guacamole, but this looks so good and I love spinach! So healthy, so good! Thanks for sharing:)

    Response from Dina @ savvyinthekitchen