DIY Reusable Grocery Bag

DIY-Reusable-Grocery-Bag-Farmers-Market-Shopping-Bag-9I haven’t done a “Fashion Friday” DIY for sooooo long, and since it’s a new year, it’s definitely time! This DIY was inspired by Cassey from Blogilates! I always have my car stocked with reusable shopping bags for last minute farmer’s market and grocery shopping trips, and thought this “do it yourself” bag/tote was the cutest addition to my collection. You can use any old T shirt (the bigger the better!) but I decided to buy an ACDC shirt from Target to give my bag a chic rocker look! I’m absolutely obsessed with how it turned out and got stopped a couple of times at the North Park Farmer’s Market in San Diego to ask where it was from (major points!)!
DIY-Reusable-Grocery-Bag-Farmers-Market-Shopping-Bag-1Jacket: c/o Smythe (on sale 65% off & free shipping!)  |  Leggings: American Apparel  |  Shoes: Converse  |  Beanie: Ebay (black)  |   |  Lip Liner: Mac ‘Cherry’  |  Lipstick: Lime Crime ‘Red Velvet’

My favorite part about this DIY is that it’s a no sew project! No needle, thread, or sewing machine required! All you really need is a pair of scissors and an old T shirt, but if you are a perfectionist like me, a white or colored pencil, ruler, and rotary cutter, will do the job just perfectly! If you are super crafty and looking for a rotary cutter, cutting mat, and ruler set, this one by Fiskars is amazing!

DIY-Reusable-Grocery-Bag-Farmers-Market-Shopping-Bag-3 DIY-Reusable-Grocery-Bag-Farmers-Market-Shopping-Bag-4I’m obsessed with my new Faux-Fur Cropped Jacket by Smythe! It’s faux shearling with a huge oversized collar that is seriously way too cute. I’ve been wearing it nonstop since they sent it to me! I also just found out that it’s on sale at Neiman’s for 65% off, which is INSANE! Oh and did I mention they are offering free shipping? Unreal.

DIY-Reusable-Grocery-Bag-Farmers-Market-Shopping-Bag-5DIY-Reusable-Grocery-Bag-Farmers-Market-Shopping-Tote-Step-By-Step-2DIY Grocery Bag

T-shirt (the bigger the better)
white or colored pencil
scissors or rotary cutter
cutting mat

1. Get a large T shirt and lay it flat.

2. Cut off the neck (about 2-3 inches below the neck hemline), sleeves, and bottom hem.

3. From the bottom of each arm hole, measure down 6 inches and make a mark. This is where the bottom of your bag will be, and your fringe pieces will start.

4. Line your ruler up horizontal across the shirt from both marks that you just made. Start marking small dots/lines 1/2 inch apart all the way across the entire width of the shirt. This marks where each fringe will be cut.

5. Place the ruler horizontally across the bottom of the shirt and mark small dots/lines every 1/2 inch all the way across (the same way you just did in step 4). This will help you to get perfectly aligned/straight fringe pieces.

6. Using scissors or your rotary cutter and ruler, cut from the top dot, straight down to the aligning bottom dot (through both layers of fabric). Work from left to right until all of the fringe has been cut.

7. Once all of your fringe pieces have been cut, double knot both of the corresponding front and back pieces of fabric together. This will seal up the bottom of your bag.

8. Voilà, Your grocery bag is complete! For even longer fringe and more sealed up edges of your bag, stretch out your fringe and handles!

Note: If you don’t want to go through all of the marking and aligning with a  ruler, you can totally freehand it and make bigger fringe pieces with scissors. I personally think it looks best when you take the time and measure out the small 1/2 inch fringe pieces, but it’s still an awesome and fun DIY no matter how you do it!

DIY-Reusable-Grocery-Bag-Farmers-Market-Shopping-Bag-6Above is an example of the dots 1/2 inch apart along the bottom of the fabric.

DIY-Reusable-Grocery-Bag-Farmers-Market-Shopping-Bag-7Cutting from top to bottom dot.

DIY-Reusable-Grocery-Bag-Farmers-Market-Shopping-Bag-8Double knotting the fringe pieces.

DIY-Reusable-Grocery-Bag-Farmers-Market-Shopping-Bag-2So cute! Grocery shop away!
This is a really fun project to do with friends for a girls night in, and it also makes a super cute gift!

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Toilet Paper Roll Gift Boxes

DIY-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Gift-Box-Pillow-Box-13Introducing the easiest DIY gift boxes you will make. like. ever. No scissors, glue, or tools required! Just 4 folds and you are set! These DIY pillow boxes are super easy to make, and are great for small gifts like jewelry (necklaces, earrings, rings, etc.), money, lipstick, chapstick, cufflinks, or other tiny treasures! They aren’t quite long enough to fit a gift card inside, but if you use a paper towel roll, and cut it to be an inch or so longer than a toilet paper roll, it can easily make a gift box for a gift card!

These adorable recycled and repurposed toiled paper roll pillow boxes look great with their natural color and tied with a holiday ribbon, wrapped with festive gift wrap, or even hand stamped like I did below!

If you are interested in making your own holiday gift wrap, this DIY polka dot stamp technique can be used on the inside of a brown paper grocery bag to make recyclable wrapping paper for larger gifts! It’s super easy, quick, and has a cute wintery look!
DIY-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Gift-Box-Pillow-Box-4To make your pillow box, start with a leftover roll of toilet paper (stamp it first before folding).
DIY-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Gift-Box-Pillow-Box-5Smash the toilet paper roll in half – flat like a pancake.
DIY-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Gift-Box-Pillow-Box-6Next fold one side in towards the center (it should form a half moon shaped crease). Make the crease nice and sharp by smoothly running your nail along it.
DIY-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Gift-Box-Pillow-Box-7Turn the roll around, fold the other edge inwards, and smooth out the “half moon” shaped crease.
DIY-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Gift-Box-Pillow-Box-8Repeat the previous steps and fold the opposite ends in until the pillow box is formed!
DIY-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Gift-Box-Pillow-Box-12Tie with bakers twine and add holiday tags (free printable download here!) and your gift boxes will look like a million bucks!
DIY-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Gift-Box-Pillow-Box-11DIY-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Gift-Box-Pillow-Box-9 Like the holiday tags I used to wrap my gifts? Get a free printout here!
DIY-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Gift-Box-Pillow-Box-10I love stuffing my pillow boxes with crinkle paper – it makes them extra adorable when they are opened!

I hope this holiday hack helps make your holiday prep easier this year!
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Starbucks Holiday Red Cup DIY

I love hearing from winners of my giveaways on RFFMBT. Every time I email a giveaway winner, I always get the most heart warming responses. I love how appreciative and thankful all of my readers are because I’m the same way. It’s the cutest thing when I receive an email from a giveaway winner and they tell me how long they’ve been reading my blog (some of you since the very beginning!) or share their weight loss story or how my blog has inspired them. It seriously makes me smile and makes me want to do more giveaways for you guys because I know you appreciate them.

Just after I announced the winner of my DOLE Salads giveaway, I found out that I won the Starbucks Red Cup Contest! Starbucks held a contest from Nov 1st to the 3rd and asked contestants to submit their “most beautiful and creative red cup moment” with the 2014 holiday cup on Instagram. I had no idea about the contest until the last day when Matt’s sister Olivia texted me and encouraged me to enter. Soooo I whipped up this quick little Starbucks holiday light DIY! The response on Instagram was huge, so I decided to do a little step-by-step DIY for anyone who wants to recreate it!

Starbucks-Holiday-Red-Cup-Christmas-Lights-DIY-19I know it’s not even thanksgiving yet and say “for every set of Christmas lights lit before Thanksgiving, an elf dies,” but I couldn’t resist making these adorable lights! For the sake of the elves, they won’t be lit until after Thanksgiving. #savetheelves

I still can’t believe that with over 11,000 entries for the contest, I won! I am so excited, and cannot wait for my Limited-Edition Sterling Silver Starbucks card to arrive! My favorite part about this, is that I was in Starbucks sipping on an iced sugar-free soy vanilla latte when I got the message that I won! It couldn’t have been more perfect.

I love crafts that allow you to repurpose and recycle things, and this is definitely one of those projects. Instead of throwing away your holiday cups after you finish your gingerbread latte, save them and their lids, rinse ’em out, and deck your halls with boughs of Starbucks!

Starbucks-Holiday-Red-Cup-Christmas-Lights-DIY-1Start saving/collecting tall holiday red cups and lids from Starbucks.

Starbucks-Holiday-Red-Cup-Christmas-Lights-DIY-5I meant to buy a strand of 50 regular christmas lights but ended up with a strand of 50 icicle lights, which actually worked out better than I though! I opted for white because they match the lids of the Starbucks cups.

Starbucks-Holiday-Red-Cup-Christmas-Lights-DIY-2Flip your cups upside-down and carefully make a slit with a sharp knife.

Starbucks-Holiday-Red-Cup-Christmas-Lights-DIY-3Spin the cup around and carefully make a second slit creating an “X” shape.

Starbucks-Holiday-Red-Cup-Christmas-Lights-DIY-6Push the Christmas lights through the bottom of the cup.

Starbucks-Holiday-Red-Cup-Christmas-Lights-DIY-7Pull the remaining lights on the icicle strange through the cup.

Starbucks-Holiday-Red-Cup-Christmas-Lights-DIY-8Once the lights have been pulled through and into the cup, close it with the lid.

Starbucks-Holiday-Red-Cup-Christmas-Lights-DIY-9The back end should look like this, with the lights hidden inside. Repeat all of the above steps with each cup.

Starbucks-Holiday-Red-Cup-Christmas-Lights-DIY-12And then voilà, you will have a strand of Starbucks red cup Christmas lights!

Starbucks-Holiday-Red-Cup-Christmas-Lights-DIY-13 *I have only left my red cup lights on for about 10 minutes, so please use caution and keep your eyes on your lights to make sure they are safe and don’t overheat!

Health, Happiness, & Happy Crafting,
xo Catherine

Summer Trend: Pineapple Print

Caution: cute fruit ahead!

This Summer, one of the biggest trends to hit the streets are – Pineapples. Wait, what? Yep, pineapples. Golden ripe, multicolored, you name it… We are seeing them everywhere. I personally love pineapples. They’re tasty and they’re super cute. I also love that they’re taking over for summer! There’s nothing better than a healthy snack gone trendy! Dole was WAY ahead of the trend! Healthy food + fashion = everything.

Here is a little round-up of some of my favorite pineapple things for this summer from apparel and nail polish to origami and gift wrap! Only the cutest fruitiest pineapple goodies for my readers!


Scarf: ASOS  |  Dress: Topshop for Nordstrom  |  Jar: Rachel George  |  Compact Mirror: Forever21  |  Candle: Urban Outfitters  |  Card Holder: Anthropologie  |  iPhone Case: Nasty Gal  |  Shoes: Zappos  |  Headphones: Forever21  |  Nail Tutorial: The Wonder Forest  |  Print: Melinda Wood Designs


Pineapple-Straw-Origami-Step-by-Step-InstructionsMy other personal favorite are these adorable Origami Pineapple Straws! Perfect for your Piña Kale-ada! I mean, how cute are these?!! You can follow the step-by-step instructions from Sugar and Charm or watch this video (it’s very helpful)!

Free-Pineapple-Wraping-Paper-DownloadLooking for the perfect gift wrap for a summer birthday? Download and print this free Pineapple Gift Wrap from Whimsey Box and finish it with a neon bow!

This summer couldn’t be any sweeter!
xo Catherine

How To Clean Your Cycling Shoes


If you have any type of white athletic shoes, you know how hard they are to keep clean. Before you go out and buy new ones, save yourself some money and try washing them in the dishwasher.  Yes, the dishwasher.

Back in the day (because I’m oh so old, right?) I used to throw my dirty shoes in the washing machine. You name it: Uggs, Vans, Converse, Nikes, I threw them in the washing machine. The only problem with cleaning shoes in the washing machine is that they start deteriorating pretty quickly after that. Putting your shoes in a washing machine filled with water and spinning them around at high speeds on the spin cycle isn’t exactly the best way to keep your shoes in good condition. It bangs them around and weakens the glue that hold them together.

I’m sharing my step-by-step tips for getting your shoes bright and sparkly, odor-free, and in overall tip-top shape!

Before you venture into washing your cycling shoes or other workout shoes, please know that they need about 24 hours or a day in the sun to completely dry. You will want to wash these on a day or two where you don’t need to wear them!

You will notice that my prized Mavic Giova Women’s Cycling Shoes are a bit brown around the ankle area and tongue. They’re survived one year of spray tans and sweat, but they’re definitely looking a little grimy and not smelling that fab.

The fronts and sides are completely scuffed up from my spastic walking skills and running into stationary objects, ha ha ha.

Above is another angle showing the brown fabric tongue before washing.

Before washing, you will want to take out any removable soles inside of your shoes.
You will also need to remove your “clips” and any metal hardware from your cycling shoes (these will not be washed).

Once you have removed your clips and hardware, it’s time for some pre-scrubbing.

Check your shoes for any areas that need to be pre-scrubbed such as the soles or stained areas. I used a Clorox Gel Bleach Pen and an old toothbrush to get most of the deep stains and discoloration removed. Of course, if you have dark or colored shoes you won’t want to use bleach, but I would recommend using a little bit of dishwasher detergent on the toothbrush bristles to help remove stains and scrub.

Note: Do not use any type of foaming soap or detergent unless it is made for a dishwasher! Tide to Go is also a great option to remove stains from colored shoes.

You can also use dishwasher detergent and a toothbrush to clean scuffs off of the leather areas of your shoes. My other secret weapon for removing scuff marks is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. They really are magical! I use Magic Erasers on everything from shoes, to walls, and laptops!

Once you have spot treated any visible stains, it’s time to put those babies in the dishwasher and watch some serious magic happen. Place your shoes on the bottom rack of the dishwasher, upside down and the removable soles in the racks next to them. Set your dishwasher to delicate and turn off heated drying cycle. Heated drying can shrink your shoes, as well as damage and weaken the faux leather or vinyl areas of your fancy shmancy kicks.

My favorite dishwasher detergent is Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day in Geranium. I love Mrs. Meyer’s products because they use mainly naturally derived ingredients, minimal chemicals (only for efficiency of cleanliness), and smell absolutely delightful! Read more about Mrs. Meyer’s Product philosophy here! If you haven’t tried their Basil Hand Soap, you must. I get most of my Mrs. Meyer’s products at Target and Whole Foods.

Once you remove your shoes from the dishwasher, lay them out in the sun to dry for the rest of the day, or until completely dry! You will be left with sparkly clean shoes that look brand spanking new and smell flowery fresh! I mean… check out how clean and white they are now!

I hope that you found this useful for cleaning any types of workout shoes, or shoes in general! Of course, always read and inspect your shoes to make sure they are safe to put in water beforehand. Most will be just fine, but you won’t want to put your leather Top Siders in the dishwasher. Ha!

Health & Happiness
xo Catherine

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