I am taking a break from packing… or should I say downsizing my suitcase, because I am going to Japan today!

I love traveling, but sometimes it gets tricky to find healthy foods at airports. I like to prepare little emergency snack kits for my carry on bag just incase I get hungry or healthy choices aren’t available.

If you are traveling somewhere far, it can be nearly impossible to bring fresh food along with you. Meal replacement bars are a great option, but some of them have ingredient lists longer than the dictionary and are filled with artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and some questionable ingredients. I have done my research to find you the healthiest meal bars and snacks that are TSA approved, portable, shelf stable, and yummy! The best part? These snacks have no preservatives, and tiny ingredient lists with the largest list containing only 7 ingredients, all of which we can pronounce and locate in a grocery store!

Meet your new travel buddies:

Ak-Mak Whole Wheat Sesame Crackers: These generously sized whole grain crackers contain only 7 ingredients such as: organically grown whole wheat flour, clover honey, sesame oil, dairy butter, sesame seeds, yeast, and salt. They add up to only 110 calories and 4 grams of fiber per serving of 5 crackers! I love these crackers because they are perfectly crunchy and not to mention Armenian (I’m part Armenian), scoreee!

Larabar: Well, I’m speechless on this one… I don’t know how they do it! Larabars are possibly the greatest meal bars to hit the market. Ever. Larabars are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher but do not exclude flavor. Famous for their simple ingredient list, pure delicious taste, and and outstanding nutrition, Larabars are the simple way to eat on the go. My favorite flavor “Cashew Cookie” contains only cashews and dates and actually tastes like a cookie. Amazing! The nutritional stats aren’t too shabby either. Made from whole fruits and nuts in their most natural state, it contains 230 calories, and 3 grams of fiber! They come in a variety of flavors and have been popping up in grocery stores and some Target stores all over.

Blue Diamond Almonds, 100 Calorie Packs: Almonds are great portable snack and an excellent source of  vitamin E, fiber, copper, phosphorous and riboflavin. Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away and suddenly a handful turns into an entire bag, so this mini 100 calorie pack of whole, natural, unsalted almonds takes the guesswork out for you. Talk about good things in small packages!

Justin’s Classic Almond Butter, Single-Serve Packet: These convenient single serve packages contain 2 tablespoons of almond butter at 200 calories per packet. Smear some on crackers for the perfect snack without the jar, measuring spoons, and mess! These handy little packets come in a variety of different nut butters and flavors.

That’s It: I just recently discovered these bars and have become completely obsessed! I like to call them “adult fruit leathers!” The bars consist of two servings of fruit per bar… yup… that’s it… just like the title implies. Crazy right? My Apple & Pear bar contains one whole apple and one whole pear. That’s it (I can’t stop saying that out loud, I’m truly amazed)! No added sugar, preservatives, no nothing. Oh, and don’t forget, they’re also fat free, gluten-free, kosher, and vegan. At only 100 calories and a whopping 3 grams of fiber, That’s It bars are your new bff. These thick, chewy fruit bars are a great option if you don’t feel like lugging an apple around in your purse, or don’t feel like buying one at an airport café for say $5.

Just Tomatoes: Just like the package says, these are just tomatoes! Veggies can be the trickiest food to travel with, but this awesome brand Just Tomatoes, just made getting our veggie servings in so much easier. Just Tomatoes uses a special dehydrating process, which allows nutrients to stay intact and leaves them with the perfect chewy texture. Just Tomatoes makes a variety of different vegetable snacks from peas to corn and are always kosher, GMO free, and never contain additives, preservatives or sweeteners. At 90 calories and 2 grams of fiber per ounce, these make a great snack with whole grain crackers!

7 Comments on Travel Snacks

  1. Jatinsediaser
    May 4, 2012 at 9:02 pm (12 years ago)

    What broad daylight isn’t today?

  2. Missy
    June 24, 2012 at 11:24 pm (12 years ago)

    Hello! Where are the That’s It. bars and Just Tomatoes sold? Thanks!

    • Catherine
      June 25, 2012 at 12:26 pm (12 years ago)

      Hi Missy! I buy my Pure Bars and Just Tomatoes at Whole Foods!

  3. Kati
    July 16, 2012 at 6:56 am (12 years ago)

    I work in an airport, Starbucks to be exact. So I wind up eating a bunch of junk just because I’m hungry! I’ve started bringing Larabars with me and I’ve notice a huge change in how my body feels! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these other on the go snacks!

    • Catherine
      July 16, 2012 at 10:10 am (12 years ago)

      Thats great Katie! Isn’t it amazing how different our bodies feel after giving them nutrients from whole natural foods vs processed?! xo

  4. Christina
    February 6, 2013 at 11:50 am (11 years ago)

    You are always inspiring me to eat unprocessed and natural. After about 2 weeks of Weight Watchers, I have been feeling so sluggish, like you did after Nutrisystem. Since I’m always traveling and in college, I decided to order all these snacks from Amazon! Thanks for the great finds and even better recipe ideas!

  5. Stephanie
    February 9, 2013 at 7:43 pm (11 years ago)

    I want to try the Larabars and That’s It bars! I’ve been doing Insanity and watching what I’ve been eating and usually for a snack I lug out the blender and make myself a smoothie. The closest Whole Foods to me is in Tustin or Laguna, do you think they sell those snacks at Fresh and Easy?


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