Disney Magic of Healthy Living

I hope everyone is having a magical week!
Congratulations to the winner of my BeckleyByMelissa Scarf Giveaway: Celina!

Yesterdays delayed Monday Motivation: “To change your body, you must change your mind.”

Ahhh Disneyland. The worlds biggest human trap operated by a mouse!
A magical land of discovery, dreams, and really unhealthy food!
I’m quite spoiled, living only a short drive from the Disneyland resort in California. My best friends and I all have annual passes and love going as much as we can, even if it’s just for one ride a fireworks. See, I told you. Very spoiled living so close… I LOVE Disneyland. I’m a total kid at heart and am in awe of it’s magic every time I go. One small problem I’ve always had with Disneyland is that it’s not so easy to eat healthy there.

A quick flashback story: When I was trying to lose weight, I never wanted to go to disneyland with my friends. I basically cut one of my favorite things to do out of my life because I had a fear of the sugary fatty temptations that were at the park. I thought that if I went to Disneyland, I wouldn’t be strong enough to avoid the temptation and go on a crazy sugar binge of churros and Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwiches and gain 20 lbs overnight. We all know that isn’t true… but at the time, my disordered mind told me that it would happen. So ya, you read that right. I was basically scared of Disneyland! Who is scared of Disneyland? Speaking of wanting to stay “healthy” and only eat “healthy foods” I should’ve known how unhealthy I actually was at that point. After I was able to get back on my feet and recover from my eating disorder, I started going to Disneyland with friends again. I was in a much better place where I didn’t fear food or the house of mouse, and allowed myself to have fun and enjoy a churro. It’s all about balance!

RFFMBT DisneylandToning my arms on the Teacups! haha just kidding!


For a company who promotes the “Disney Magic of Healthy living,” there are not many healthy options for us at Disneyland. Or at least not advertised around the park! I did some super detective work to find the best options to stay healthy while having fun at Disneyland. Call me Catherine: Mouse Detective! During my exploration at Disneyland for healthier foods, I discovered some excellent options!

Disney Magic of Healthy Living
Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.” – Walt Disney
Enter Tomorrowland: bringing inspiration, ingenuity, and ideas of building a better tomorrow.

Did you know that Tomorrowland is home of the only all-healthy-food cart at Disneyland, CA?
The Tomorrowland Fruit Cart is the only cart that strictly sells healthy foods. You won’t find any tempting chips or sodas at this cart! Just 100% healthy, wholesome foods to nourish your body during a long day at the happiest place on earth. Here’s what the Tomorrowland Fruit Cart has to offer!

Red and green apples, bananas, oranges, sliced pineapple, sliced mango, grapes, apple slices, strawberries & blueberries, pickles, veggie sticks with ranch dip, Sabra Hummus & Pretzel Pods, Disney Freeze Dried Fuji Apple Crisps, OceanSpray Craisins, and OceanSpray Craisin Trail Mix! They also sell Vitamin Water Zero, Powerade Zero, Honest Tea, Smart Water, and Dasani.

Disney Magic of Healthy Living
Disney Magic of Healthy Living
Disney Magic of Healthy Living
Disney Magic of Healthy Living
Disney Magic of Healthy Living
Disney Magic of Healthy Living
Disney Magic of Healthy Living
Did you know that all of the plants in Tomorrowland are edible?
The visionary landscaping doubles as a potential farm, projecting an ecologically astute future, where humanity makes the most of its resources. It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, in Tomorrowland! I absolutely love this idea of an agrifuture. I never noticed the gorgeous display of veggies until now.Look how gorg that red kale & rainbow chard is? Umm inspiration for my future house’s landscaping! I would take a kale bouquet over flowers any day!
* I wouldn’t recommend eating the Kale landscaping at Disneyland! haha

Disney Magic of Healthy Living
Disney Magic of Healthy Living
At Frontierland in Disneyland, CA there is a pretty good Mexican restaurant by Thunder Mountain called Rancho de Zocalo. The restaurant has different stations for tacos, burritos, and tostadas. There is a great vegetarian option for tacos called Soft Tacos Monterrey which contains two tacos with sautéed vegetables, rice, and beans in a flour tortilla along with a side of spanish rice and beans, guacamole, salsa and shredded lettuce. This huge plate of deliciousness is $10 (annual pass discounts available here, score!)
*You can make these tacos vegan by requesting no cheese and no sour cream.

My order: Soft Tacos Monterey without cheese or sour cream.
* This meal is big enough to split with someone!

The Rabbit Food Pyramid Breakdown
Produce: sautéed vegetables
Whole Grain: flour tortillas & rice (two servings of grains, but very filling)
Protein: beans
Plant Based Fat: oil that the veggies are sautéed in

Soft Tacos Monterey
I’ve also found a pretty healthy vegetarian option at California Adventure. The Lucky Fortune Cookery in the Pacific Wharf area at Disney’s California Adventure Park has a variety of Asian Rice Bowls with your choice of protein and sauce over sautéed Asian vegetables and steamed rice for about $9 (annual pass discounts available here too, wooo!).
*All of the sauces are vegan except for the Thai Coconut Curry sauce!

My order: Asian Rice Bowl with tofu and sautéed veggies and some teriyaki sauce on the side.

The Rabbit Food Pyramid Breakdown
Produce: sautéed vegetables
Whole Grain: rice
Protein: tofu
Plant Based Fat: avocado (guacamole), and oil (that the veggies are sautéed in)

Asian rice bowl
With a little bit of faith trust, and pixie dust, you can stay on track with your healthy eating while visiting Disneyland! Balance is key. Healthy produce for snacks all day, a well balanced meal, and a little something special like a churro to indulge in!

RFFMBT DisneylandWith my main squeezes Boo & Kitty a.k.a. Sully!

Health & Happiness xo

Brown Bag Popcorn

Thank you EVERYONE for your incredible support from my last post!
I’m so in love with all of my readers!

I have been reading healthy living blogs for a few years. I love them. They are great for inspiration, motivation, and tips to meet your goals, but sometimes they can be the exact opposite. Not only that, but I’ve also been reading blogs on unclutterer to keep myself updated on the newest kitchen appliances, which was quite interesting. Seeing a handful of bloggers post about their perfect meals & workouts day after day started to make me think that I was a failure because I couldn’t stick with a perfect diet and workout 7 days a week. I’ve realized that people only show what they want others to see. The world of social media is very filtered, and sometimes what you see is just a facade. Often times, people hide their true feelings and struggles. I had wanted to start a blog since the beginning of my weight loss journey, and I realized that I wanted to be something different. Why should I censor my hurdles and bumps in the road if so many others go through it as well? I realized that my struggles weren’t something that I needed to hide or be embarrassed about. It’s just a part of life, and there are so many others who could relate and know they are not alone. Just knowing that I have helped one person makes me happy.

Over the past couple of days I have seen such a beautiful thing occur on my blog. I’ve seen readers from all around the world support other readers through comments. A rare thing to see on the internet, right? (For example, any time I go on YouTube, videos are often filled with hurtful comments.) I love this little RFFMBT support community that is evolving! I’ve learned that there is so much more support than criticism to people who are honest and real, so I just wanted to say thank you so much for your respect, support, encouragement, and kind words.

You is Kind, You is SmartYou is Important” -The Help
“You are beautiful. You are enough.”

Since it’s a new year, I’m going to start with a new approach. I’m going to take everything one day at a time. I want to start out slow with some healthy snacks and recipes. They may not always follow the Rabbit Food Pyramid, but they will be healthy and clean! I want to focus on healthy swaps that can help you meet your goal!

Fried potato chips: Homemade Sweet Potato Chips, or Kale Chips
Starchy mashed potatoes: Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes
Carb loaded pizza: Cauliflower Crust Pizza
Sugar loaded yogurt: Nonfat Greek Yogurt
Prepackaged pudding: Chia Pudding

And of course my other favorite healthy snack: air popped popcorn!

Brown Bag Popcorn

Most microwavable popcorn that you see in stores (even the “low fat” kind) is filled with oils, butter, and tons of salt. By air popping your own popcorn, you can enjoy it as a light guiltless snack without the extra sodium and fat! Take that movie theater popcorn! All you need is a brown paper lunch bag, popcorn kernels, a measuring cup, and a minute and thirty seconds!

Brown Bag Popcorn

Brown Bag Popcorn
Makes about 4 cups popped (one serving= 2 cups)

1/4 cup popcorn kernels – yup, thats it!

Measure and pour the kernels into a brown paper bag. Close the bag by folding the open edges three times. DO NOT staple or tape the bag closed. Microwave on highest power for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Sprinkle with your favorite salt-free seasoning.
Note: Some microwaves cook faster than others, so if you start to hear 3 second pauses in between pops, it is probably done.

Brown Bag Popcorn

Join me in making small healthy changes to reach your goal. Let’s do this together!


Hello and welcome to part 3 of my Q&A! I hope you guys aren’t getting bored of this already because I still have a ton of questions to answer and stitches in my foot that are preventing me from cooking and photographing!

Foot Update: “Rabbit Foot for My Bunny Feet” ha.
I made it out of the house to dinner at Veggie Grill and Trader Joe’s with my mom last night. Needless to say, I got my cardio in, and my right quad is looking mighty fine. I have also passed my best time going up the stairs with crutches and set a new PR to just over 1 minute. I cut my previous 3 minute 17 second record down by more than half, go team! I’m really over the crutches & record high temperatures. It’s not a pretty combination. Stitches removal countdown: 9 more days… I’m still awaiting biopsy results and am hoping for the best. I’ll keep you guys posted, sorry my updates aren’t very exciting! Now for some more fun questions and answers!

How do you store kale chips? How long do they last?
I would like to know the same thing! My kale chips are usually gone by the end of the day since my friends and family love them, but when I do have leftovers they don’t store very well. I am still searching for the miracle solution to store home make kale chips, so any tips would be appreciated! I have tried different airtight containers and Ziploc bags, but once I open them up the next day, the humidity has already gotten the best of them and they are soggy. I have heard that storing them in a paper bag helps to keep the crunch, so that is next on my list to try. You could also pop them in the oven at 350 for 3-5 minutes to make them crispy again the next day.

Where does dairy fit into the Rabbit Food Pyramid?
Dairy products are considered protein. Nonfat/educed fat cheese, nonfat yogurt, and nonfat milk would all be part of the protein group.

What kind of blender do you have?
I have a Vitamix 5200, and I am beyond obsessed with it! Hands down, my favorite kitchen appliance that I own, thank you so much Grammy & Grandpa! It has so much power that it can blend an entire bunch of kale in seconds with no problem! Vitamix blenders are a bit pricey (around $450), but keep your eyes peeled at Costco,, and on QVC! I have seen them at Costco for $350, and when QVC has Vitamix blenders available, they usually offer payment plans that can be very helpful. I also have a Magic Bullet that I got my freshman year of college when I was in student housing! I still use it all the time for simple single serving fruit smoothies and protein shakes. It gets the job done and it’s super affordable. Check Target,, and Bed Bath & Beyond for competitive prices.

What kind of juicer do you have?
I have a Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus – 850-Watt Juicing Machine. I bought a certified refurbished juicer on from the official Breville store for only $99 (Usually $149) and it works wonders! The pulp comes out dry which makes me happy that I am getting the maximum amount of juice as possible from my produce. I used a friend’s $50 juicer before and we had to run the pulp through twice to actually get all of the juice, which was very time consuming. Investing in a high quality juicer is key to saving money on produce in the long run.

Do you have the calories or nutrition stats for your meals?
My blog is 100% calorie counting free. No counting calories, carbs, or points here, only measuring proper servings and portion sizes. During my weight loss journey I became obsessed with counting calories, which led to restrictive disordered eating. Now, I like to focus on the type of calories that I consume, not the amount. There is a huge difference between eating a 100 calorie snack pack versus 100 calories of fresh berries. I don’t think that calories should be disregarded altogether, but I don’t obsess over them anymore. I have found a better approach to losing weight and managing my intake, which is The Rabbit Food Pyramid. Each of my Rabbit Food meals total anywhere from about 300-400 calories, which adds up to a healthy amount for my frame, so I know that if I am following my portion guidelines, I don’t need to worry! This is based on my personal experience and research and I am aware that everyone is different and not everybody eats the same way that I do. The purpose of my blog is to show you what worked for me, and to inspire others to make healthy choices. All types of foodies are welcome here whether you eat meat, count calories, or are on a completely different diet plan! I love when I get a comment from a reader “This is only 2 WW points!” because it makes me so happy to see that my recipes can be used and altered to fit specific dietary needs. That makes my day!

What are you kitchen staples?
A few things that you can ALWAYS find in my kitchen are quinoa, almond butter, chickpeas, lentils, tofu, fresh greens, Greek yogurt, apple slices, frozen fruit, almond milk, Larabars, whole-grain crackers, whole-wheat flour, stevia, vanilla, and seasonings. These are my most used ingredients that I like to have on hand at all times. When I have these, I know that I can put together a quick meal in a jiffy! Of course I always stock up on different fresh fruits and veggies, but my selection varies per week!

Your recipes have so many different spices and seasonings, what ones should I get?
I LOVE seasonings, especially when they’re salt free. Mrs. Dash makes a great line of salt-free seasoning blends that are available in most grocery stores. Seasonings are an easy way to add flavor or spice to a dish without unnecessary calories, fat, etc. My most used spices and seasonings are probably cinnamon, garlic, turmeric, salt-free Italian herb, and black pepper. Seasonings can really add up when each jar is around $3-5, so instead of loading up on 10 spices and blowing your grocery budget all at once, I have a little tip on how to expand your spice cabinet. Every time you go to the grocery store, make it a goal to purchase 1 spice. Before you know it, you will have a collection of delicious spices to compliment your meals!

Since you only use ¼ an avocado as a serving, how do you keep the rest of your avocado from spoiling?
If I open an avocado, I usually get creative and try to use it within the next day or two in smoothies, smeared on toast, or cubed in salads. When I store my extra avocado in the fridge, I leave the pit and shell intact and keep it in a Ziploc bag (air removed) or saran wrap. By leaving the pit, it will help to keep the avocado from browning as quickly. An opened avocado should still remain fresh after one day in the fridge. If it does turn a bit brown, just remove the thin top layer that has browned due to oxidization. This is also a great tip to keep guacamole from turning brown at a party, just place the pit in the guac and you’re good to go!

Do you have any suggestions on what to bring to school or work that doesn’t need refrigeration?
Not everyone has a refrigerator available for home made meals during school or work hours, but I do have a few ideas for you. I wrote a post of my favorite travel snacks that include some shelf stable, preservative free foods such as Justin’s Nut Butter packets, whole-grain crackers, almonds, dried veggies, and Larabars. The key to eating healthy is being prepared. Portion and store healthy snacks like whole-grain crackers, trail mix, and nuts in Ziploc bags or reusable airtight containers at the beginning of the week so they are ready to go. You can make your own RFFMBT on the go lunch with these ideas:

Produce: Kale chips, sun dried tomatoes, apples, oranges, grapefruit, banana, dates, raisins, prunes, no sugar added dried fruit
Protein: Dried edamame, dried green peas, protein mocha: chocolate protein powder + coffee, Protein Latte: vanilla protein powder + coffee
Plant Based Fat: Mixed nuts, assorted nuts, seeds, trail mix, Justin’s Nut Butter packets
Whole-Grains: Whole-grain crackers, slice of whole-grain bread, brown rice rice cakes, air popped popcorn, whole corn tortillas, whole-grain tortilla, bran cereal

Natural Bars: Larabars, That’s It Bars, Pure Bars, Barre Bars

Examples of how to put together grab and go RFFMBT meal kits:
Example 1:
 Larabar (plant based fat & produce/fruit) with a side of whole-grain crackers (whole grain), and protein mocha: chocolate protein powder + coffee (protein) mixed in a Blender Bottle.
Example 2: 1 Packet of Justin’s Nut Butter (plant based fat) spread on one serving of brown rice rice cakes (whole-grain), with banana (produce/fruit), and side of freeze dried green peas (protein).
Example 3: 1 serving of mixed nuts (plant based fat) combined with dried peas or edamame (protein), with a side of kale chips (produce/veggies) and  whole-grain crackers, or air popped popcorn with salt-free seasonings (whole-grain).
Example 4: Almond butter (plant based fat), and a banana (produce/fruit) rolled into 2 soft taco sized whole corn tortillas (whole-grain), with a a protein latte: vanilla protein powder + coffee (Protein).

It can be tricky to find healthy shelf stable meal options, but it can be done! Larabars are one of my favorite go to items.

Brace yourself… Part 4 tomorrow! Contain your enthusiasm, bunnies! xo 


Since I am not very mobile due to my surgery and my first Q&A went so well, I decided it was the perfect time to do another Q&A! I had so many questions that I decided to break the post into a few different parts, so stay tuned for more questions and answers tomorrow in Part 3! Tomorrow’s Q&A has a bunch of foodie related questions that I get quite often!

Since the Rabbit Food Pyramid lists 4 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack) do you eat your Snack meal as one meal with all 4 servings from each food group together? or separate as 4 small snacks throughout the day?

I usually keep my snack as one mini meal because it’s pretty routine to me now, and it keeps me really full! I have learned through research that by pairing a complex carb with protein, it helps to keep blood sugar levels stable to avoid an insulin spike. This is another reason why I like to eat my produce, whole grain, protein, and plant based fat together. Of course I have had days where I felt really snacky, so I spaced out my “snack” meal. Here is an example of one day of regular meals with the “snack meal” broken up into 3 mini snacks (spaced 2-3 hours apart to keep your metabolism going):

8:00am Breakfast
10:00am Midmorning Snack: apple (produce)
12:30m Lunch
3:00pm Afternoon Snack: one piece of Laughing Cow Light Baby Bell Cheese or Chobani Greek yogurt (protein)
6:00pm Dinner
8:30pm Dessert Snack: Tbsp of peanut butter on whole-wheat toast (plant based fat and whole-grain)

There are so many different theories about food pairing, but I just do what works for me. When it comes down to it, as long as you stay within the “snack” guideline and portions, you should be just fine!

What is your weakness or cheat food?
I LOVE gummy candy. I am a gummy candy-aholic! gummy bears, Swedish fish, cinnamon bears, lifesavers gummies, gummy coke bottles. It’s gummy, I’m obsessed haha. When I do buy candy (not too often), I will open the bag, fill one small Dixie cup (which is about a ¼ cup serving), put the bag away before eating, and then sit down and enjoy my little cup of gummies. This way I don’t have the uncontrollable hand that keeps mindlessly reaching into the bag for more.

Can you recommend any motivating books on health?
1. “The End of Overeating” by Dr. David Kessler,

“Dr. Kessler cracks the code of overeating by explaining how our bodies and minds are changed when we consume foods that contain sugar, fat, and salt. Food manufacturers create products by manipulating these ingredients to stimulate our appetites, setting in motion a cycle of desire and consumption that ends with a nation of overeaters.” –Source

There was an interesting part that really stuck with me: “Sugar itself is not the only reason we’re partial to sweet foods. If nothing else mattered, more of us would just open a packet of sugar and eat it.” He describes how the combination of sugar along with fat and salt is what our bodies start to crave. Interesting huh? Like Dr. Kessler said, when I’m “craving sugar,” it’s not just sugar. I crave something with sugar, fat, and salt like a baked good, or a candy bar, not a packet of sugar. Now I am very aware of it!

2. “Intuitive Eating” by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD and Elyse Resch, MS, RD, FADA

For anyone who has ever struggled with disordered eating or yo-yo dieting, this is an excellent book to help free yourself from food prison. It provides a healthy approach towards food and teaches you how to listen to your body to find the weight you’re meant to be.

In “Intuitive Eating” you will learn:
How to reject diet mentality forever
How our three Eating Personalities define our eating difficulties
How to feel your feelings without using food
How to honor hunger and feel fullness
How to follow the ten principles of Intuitive Eating, step-by-step
How to achieve a new and safe relationship with food and, ultimately, your body –Source

Do you read any health related magazines?
I love Shape, Women’s Health, and Fitness. They are filled with great tips and feature healthy athletic women. Strong is the new skinny!

What is your facial cleansing routine? What do you use?
This is a great question. I actually don’t have the best skin in the world. I’ve struggled with acne and breakouts since my teens and have used all different prescription topical gels from Retin-A to Differin. My skin is super sensitive, so I have found that gentle products work best for me. I also have tons of allergies to certain fruits and berries that are often found in skin care products because of their powerful antioxidants, so I have to be extra careful with scented and “antioxidant rich” products.

Cleanser: I wash my face in the morning and before bed with Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. It’s mild, but gets all of my makeup off and doesn’t irritate my skin.

Day-time Moisturizer: Aveeno Positively Raident Daily Moisturizer SPF 30. It contains a soy complex to naturally even out skin tone, while the SPF protects against sun damage.

Nighttime Moisturizer: Burt’s Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream. It’s hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, and keeps my skin nice and moisturized without any oily residue. If this product had sunscreen in it, I would use it during the day too!

Stay tuned for Part 3 of my Q&A tomorrow!

Birthday Week & Pre Surgery

Hi everybunny!

You may have noticed my lack of a new blog post on Monday. I actually got anxiety over it throughout the day. At every appointment, I couldn’t help but think that all I wanted to do was post a new recipe for you guys! True Life: I’m addicted to blogging. No worries, I am back in action! Over the weekend I have become a packing and shipping professional, and shipped a bajillion (omg do you remember saying that word when you were little? who am I kidding, I still use it) Eat More Rabbit Food shirts. I cannot believe how many shirts were purchased within the first couple of days, my little bunnies are so amazing! I am loving all of your Instagram and Twitter photos of you guys wearing your shirts, SO CUTE! I have had a problem viewing and commenting on some of your Instagram photos because some accounts are private, but I do get to see a little thumbnail and that makes me so happy!

Drumroll pleaseeeee: Wednesday, August 15th is my 23rd Birthday! This birthday doesn’t seem too magical. I’m usually so into birthdays. I’m like the birthday queen ova hurrrr, but not so much this year. Blink 182 totally called it in their song “What’s My Age Again“… Nobody likes you when your 23. You’ll hear it right at the 27 second mark of their video. So nostalgic, I love Blink 182! I’ll be blasting this song at midnight on my birthday, feel free to sing along with me haha

Louder drumroll pleaseeee: Thursday I will be having a minor surgery (no anesthesia or anything like that) on my foot to remove a possibly but hopefully not cancerous mole. Happy Birthday Catherine, enjoy your surgery! BOOOO! Skin Cancer runs in my family and I have had a cancerous mole before, so cross your fingers that this one is not! Skin cancer does not discriminate, you guys. It doesn’t matter how tan or dark you are. Since I will have stitches and crutches I probably won’t be able to do too much standing or cooking, so I am thinking of some other fun things to write about towards the end of the week. I’m thinking about being super obnoxious and quizzing my Dermatologist about skin and skin cancer during my surgery. That would be some fun times, right? Orrr maybe RFFMBT Q&A Part 2? Then I can get nice ‘n’ comfy on the couch, prop my foot up, and type away!
If you have any questions for the Q&A you can leave them in a comment on this post, or via Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #RFFMBTQA2
It can be anything from health & fitness, to beauty!

 The incredible Heather from For the Love of Kale wore my EAT MORE RABBIT FOOD SHIRT in her latest vlog! Umm how amaze does she look?! Total celeb status! Heather, I want a hair tutorial next! haha

I don’t know if it’s just me, but recently I have not been motivated to run. Great timing since I am having surgery on my foot, right? I’m in such a running rut that I cannot even lace my shoes up. Maybe it’s the heat? Maybe not actually, because I cannot even get myself to run indoors on a treadmill. There are times where I get obsessed with an exercise and do it almost every day for months straight and then get super sick of it, but running and The Bar Method have been my two favorites for quite some time now. The combination of Bar Method classes and running seem to be a perfect match for me and my schedule but lately I’m so over running. I don’t even know how I am saying this because I usually look forward to going on a run since it is usually a way for me to get things off of my mind and relax. Recently it just seems like more of a chore than something I look forward to. That’s definitely not how working out should be. If you feel this way, Join me as I try to get out of my exercise rut! Don’t forget, there are so many options, there is something out there for everyone to enjoy.

When I have been in previous workout ruts, I usually have a go to list to get myself motivated again, so here I am again with my list!
1. Make a new running playlist
2. Pick a new route to explore
3. Put together some cute/stylish running outfits
4. Get a new pair of running shoes

Sometimes my workout routines just get well… too routine, which leads to boredom. I always try to change up my playlist and route to keep from getting bored, and it is definitely time to shake things up. When I am really stuck in a workout rut, I will sometimes treat myself to some new workout swag to get myself pumped up again. This usually does the trick for me, because I’m a total girly girl and I love a new outfit! This time I think I need a little gifty for myself and a goal to work towards to keep me motivated. I really want to try a pair of Vibram FiveFingers! I took to my Facebook and Twitter to ask if anyone had a pair, and if so what they thought about them. I got some great responses that got me totally excited to try them out! Did you hear that, I got excited to run again, woo! Baby steps here! I’ve heard that it takes some time to get used to them since they are so different than normal running shoes (they have individual toes), and you have to gradually work up towards running 100% in them. This seems like a fun and interesting challenge for me. Viola, have I solved my running rut with a new running shoe challenge? I hope so! It’s time to set a new FitFluential goal! #FitFluential

Question: Have you ever been in a workout rut? How did you get through it?

On a higher note: One of my best friends, Behnaz brought me back a little treat from her trip to Israel this summer! She brought me a Milk Chocolate Bar with Popping Candy. It’s literally a chocolate bar with pop rocks in it! This is probably the most genius chocolate bar ever invented. Willy Wonka, you’re my man, but you’re seriously lagging in this department. Every time you take a bite, you get the flavor of creamy milky chocolate, and the popping sensation of pop rocks. It really makes you slow down and be aware of how much chocolate you are consuming because those things are pop pop popping the entire time! Touché to this chocolate company for making me stop and think before inhaling the entire bar haha and thank you Behnaz for the awesome treat!

On a completely different note: I use way too many exclamation marks!!!!! I can’t help it, I’m always so excited when I talk about these things! If you know me, you totally understand! EXCLAMATION MARK!

Don’t forget to submit your questions about health, fitness, and beauty for the RFFMBT Q&A at the end of the week and check back on Wednesday for my Birthday post! xo

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