Some very talented little bunnies have been sending me their DIY Workout Shirt and Multi-Strand Scarf creations! I love seeing your repurposed T-shirts and hearing how excited you are to show them off at the gym! There is nothing better than feeling fabulous and confident in your workout clothes! Well, besides the post workout high!

Thanks for sharing your photos with me, everyone’s shirts are turning out adorable! And checkout those toned muscles!

A lot of you have been asking me if I sell the “EAT MORE RABBIT FOOD” shirt pictured in the original DIY tutorial. I am looking into it, and hoping to have some shirts for sale of my website soon! Would you buy a RFFMBT shirt?


Casey C

Dawn B


Courtney T

Alex T

Jenna T

Ashley A

Erin B


Dawn B

Edie T


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28 Responses so far.

  1. I would buy the Eat More Rabbit Food shirt in a heartbeat.

    Response from Heather
  2. You have some crafty and talented followers!!!!! These are great.

    Response from Cardelucci | Branding + Photography
  3. I would totally buy a shirt!!!! I love it!

    Response from Lindsay
  4. I would definitely buy a shirt! :)

    Response from Chloe
  5. Good job gilz!!!

    Response from Josée
  6. I’d buy the shirt. :)

    Response from Keshia
  7. I’d definitely buy a shirt, maybe 2! If they weren’t more than $20ish including shipping

    Response from Ella
  8. I would totally buy it!

    Response from Brigette
  9. I would totally buy a shirt! especially if it came already twisted like that, love the placement of the little carrot!!

    Response from Amber
  10. I’d buy a shirt! Count me in!

    Response from Jessica
  11. Would totally buy a shirt!! Love it!

    Response from Shannon
  12. Love the eat more rabbit food tank! You could hand make a few and sell them on etsy to get started. Count me in!

    Response from Natalie
  13. i’d def. buy one :D

    Response from Alex
  14. Yes, love! I would totally buy a Rabbit Food tank! LOVE YOU, LADY. :-)

    Response from Heather @ For the Love of Kale
  15. I would totally buy an Eat More Rabbit Food tank. I love it.

    Response from Rhine
  16. I would definitely buy a shirt! (:

    Response from Killian
  17. I would buy 2!! :)

    Response from croberts1980
  18. I would definitely buy that T-shirt! I’m a total rabbit enthusiast so I’d probably buy 2! :)

    Response from Kristen L.
  19. Yay! The first one is a fellow polar bear! Go ONU and great blog!! :D

    Response from Daniella
    • Haha that’s awesome! and thank you! xo

      Response from Catherine
  20. I would love to buy an Eat More Rabbit Food or a RFFMBT shirt!

    Response from Jeni
  21. I would def buy a shirt :)

    Response from dria
  22. I’d love to get a shirt for my sister. She became a vegetarian a few months ago and I’d love to get her a shirt to show that I support her!

    Response from Madison
  23. I would buy a shirt for sure!

    Response from Jillian
  24. I would love to purchase a shirt! It would be a great reminder all day while I wear it to eat well!

    Response from Abigail
  25. I would love to buy a shirt, but they’re all out of stock! will the be back again? xxx
    ps how can you be afraid of balloons? they’re the best! (:

    Response from Annemiek
  26. I made a scarf for myself, one for my mom, and one for my stepmother! So easy and super cute!

    Response from Lisa

    Hey! I just made this shirt last night from a guys tank top I bought a while back. I LOVED the design, but I hated how bulky and butch the tank was, so I was hoping there would be something I could do to girlify it! — Then I found this site! :D :D

    Response from Nicole