New York Fashion Week is here! I’m collaborating with Beckley Boutique to bring you a whole food cleanse that will have you hopping into those skinny jeans in no time. This cleanse is also great if you are looking to reset your taste buds, jumpstart your weight loss, or need to get ready for a big event.


On the Skinny Bunny 5 Day Cleanse, you can lose up to 8 pounds and you will get to enjoy a filling breakfast scramble, layered lunch parfait, sweet and tangy dinner salad, and satisfying dessert smoothie each day! In comparison to popular all liquid juice cleanses, a cleanse that is high in fiber is much easier to stick with as fiber keeps you feeling full and satisfied and never deprived. Fiber slows the rate at which sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream keeping your blood glucose levels from rising too fast. It also cleanses your colon, acting like a little scrub brush. This scrubbing effect helps clean out bacteria and other buildup in your intestines. Fiber also helps to keep bowel movements regular to avoid bloat.


All you need are these 5 versatile nutrient packed foods and 5 days of commitment. Yes, this cleanse consists of only 5 foods! All of the ingredients on this cleanse are interchangeable and versatile enough to create 4 completely different meals!


  • Raspberries – Raspberries contain around 8 grams of fiber per cup that helps you feel full. They also contain a natural substance called ketones which prevent an increase in overall body fat and visceral fat. Raspberries are also filled with antioxidants.
  • Spinach - Filled with fiber and vitamin A. One cup of spinach has nearly 400 percent of your daily Vitamin A requirement.
  • Greek Yogurt (plain nonfat) – Rich in protein and filled with probiotics. Probiotics “friendly bacteria” can help your gut and flatten your tummy.
  • Egg Whites – The protein in eggs ranks highest among all foods in biological value. This means that the protein from eggs gets absorbed into the body better than other foods.
  • Almonds – Olec acid found in the healthy fats in almonds triggers your small intestines to produce oleoylethanolamide, a compound that curbs hunger pangs. One ounce of almonds provides 20 percent of the magnesium you need each day. Almonds are also rich in minerals, B vitamins, and Vitamin E, one of the body’s key antioxidants, plus fiber and protein.
  • Seasonings: Cinnamon (has anti-inflammatory properties), vanilla, stevia, turmeric, garlic, lemon, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and black pepper.


  • Space meals 3-4 hours apart
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water
  • an additional 2 cups of green tea per day is optional
  • No soda, or added sugar


  • Almonds: 15 Tbsp (2 6oz packages) plus 1 jar of almond butter
  • Egg Whites: 5 cups liquid egg whites total (3 16oz containers of liquid egg whites) or 30 egg whites
  • Greek Yogurt: 60 oz. total – 10 6oz single serve containers or 2 32oz tubs
  • Spinach: 15 cups total which you could divide between fresh and frozen (check the package to see how many cups there are)
  • Raspberries: 20 cups total, again you can split between fresh and frozen (check the package to see how many cups there are)
  • Optional Seasonings: Cinnamon, vanilla, stevia, turmeric, garlic, lemon, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and black pepper.
  • Vegan Swaps: 1/4 package of Tofu can be substituted for eggs & soy yogurt can be substituted for Greek yogurt for a vegan option.

The Serious Stuff: I do not recommend exercising during the cleanse, since it does not provide enough calories. Please consult with your physical before making any changes to your diet.



¼ cup egg whites
1 cup spinach
1 cup raspberries
2 Tbsp sliced or slivered almonds

Directions: Using olive oil cooking spray, scramble egg whites with 1 cup of spinach. Add any salt free seasonings such as black pepper, turmeric, or garlic to taste. Place raspberries in a separate bowl and sprinkle with cinnamon and top with 2 Tbsp of almonds.

Recommendation: for breakfast I recommend using frozen chopped spinach.



6oz plain nonfat Greek yogurt (single serving container)
1 cup raspberries
2 Tbsp sliced or slivered almonds

Directions: Layer the bottom of a jar or bowl with half of the Greek yogurt, then add half of the almonds, half of the raspberries, sprinkle with cinnamon, and repeat layers once more to create a parfait.

Recommendation: I like to make my lunch parfait in the morning inside of a glass jar using frozen raspberries. This way I can leave it in the fridge and the raspberries are defrosted just in time for lunch. If you don’t like the taste of plain greek yogurt, add stevia and vanilla to taste.



2 cups of fresh spinach
¼ cup egg whites
1 cup raspberries
2 Tbsp sliced or slivered almonds
1 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar or Balsamic Vinegar
Splash of lemon juice

Directions: In a large bowl, combine the fresh spinach, raspberries, and almonds. Toss with your choice of vinegar and a splash of lemon juice. Then scramble egg whites and add on top of the salad. Add pepper to taste.



6oz plain nonfat Greek yogurt
1 cup raspberries
1 Tbsp almond butter (unsalted and unsweetened)
½ tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp pure vanilla extract
3 Ice cubes
splash of water

Directions: Combine Greek yogurt, raspberries, almond butter, cinnamon, vanilla, and ice cubes in a blender. Add small amounts of water until preferred thickness is desired. Blend away and enjoy.

Recommendation: Use frozen raspberries to make your smoothie extra thick and cold.

Happy fashion week style bunnies!
Health & Happiness
xo Catherine

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If you’ve wondered why there’s been a lack of posts recently, it’s because I took a full on vacation for the first time since forever! I went to Toronto, Canada,  then it was my birthday, and then I went to New York! I usually work while I’m out of town, but this time I decided that I needed time to enjoy and relax. Of course I can’t really relax and not work – that would be preposterous! So I ended up visiting with some of the PR girls that I work with and of course my beloved Chobani!

My trip started off with a drive to LAX and then a flight to Boston and then Newark where my friend Matt’s amazing friend picked me up.

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-2 Right after I flew in, we went to Bubby’s in Tribeca for brunch.
RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-16How handsome is this guy?! ^

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-3I had an amazing lentil burger with fresh vegetables, pickled daikon, and carrot on a whole wheat bun. I’ve never made lentil burgers before but I need to! Expect a recipe coming up soon.

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-33Later we went to a bar with a few of Matt’s friends and of course I sat at a table with the lyrics to “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid. Too good – I love Disney!

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-4After I saw Matt, I went to stay with my friend Dominique. We were roommates together at FIDM in downtown LA and became inseparable. It was love at first sight. I don’t know if I’ve ever told this story on my blog before, but when Dom and I first moved into our assigned rooms in student housing, we both had the exact same Hello Kitty toaster, and the rest was history. It was a serious bonding moment right there. Hello kitty is responsible for his friendship!

Dominique lives in a cute neighborhood near the Upper West side with her wiener dog Izzie, and roommate Kat. Dom works in fashion (you might recognize her from Bravo’s The Fashion Show). She’s so talented, inspiring, and an incredible friend. Even though we live thousands of miles away, we talk daily, and when we see each other, it’s like no time has passed. Of course we were up until 4am nightly sewing and working just like old times. I love her little Japanese style living room, this is where we had roommie dinner and movie nights together.

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-7I love her little nugget, Izzie! When she was born in 2007, we snuck her into our dorm room and she stayed with us for a few days. Such rebels. She’s such a love bug. I spent most of my trip with my hair up in a huge bun and no makeup. It was seriously H-O-T the sat few days!

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-14Dominique’s roommate Kat made us an amazing dinner the first night I stayed with them. Dominique and Kat love eating healthy, so it was fun to cook together and get inspired. Kat made the best sweet potato I’ve ever had. You may notice, I never make potato recipes on my blog because I have never liked potatoes. I know, I know, some call it weird, some call it lucky haha, but Kat totally won me over with her over the stove sweet potato recipe that I will share on the blog soon.

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-9After dinner I swaddled Izzie and she fell asleep like this for about 20 minutes. I’ve done this to her ever since she was a baby. She loves being cozy! P.S. If you were wondering, Matt gave me those Miley leggings, they’re hilarious and I have to wear them to spin haha.

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-10While I was in NYC I got to meet up with my friend Amy who used to work at Chobani! Amy and I were email buddies when I first started working with Chobani, and then I got to meet her in person at a Chobani dinner over a year and a half ago! We totally clicked and kept in contact, so when I was in NY we had to get together. We went to Pure Food and Wine, which I had been dying to try since Kathy (Healthy Happy Life) told me all about it. Amy is obsessed with the S&M salad, so of course I had to try it. Fresh salad greens, avocado, hemp seeds, dulse, and pumpkin seed lemon dressing served with dehydrated rosemary crackers. I NEED the recipe for those crackers. they’re amazing.

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-12Later that day I met up with my friend Michael in Union square and he took me to La Colombe for coffee. La Colombe has seriously rich, strong coffee. It reminds me on Intelligentsia in Silver Lake, CA. Perfect coffee, no flavors, or fancy things. Just good coffee.

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-11After visiting with Amy and Michael I went and checkout out the Union Square Farmers Market. So much produce and super low prices! If you live near Union Square, you have to check it out. It’s open Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 8am-6pm.

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-15On my last day in the city I woke up to breakfast made by Dominique.  She’s the BEST! Such a sweet girl!

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-17She even carried my suitcase down 5 flights of stairs. That’s love!

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-18I was invited by my friends at Chobani to visit the Chobani Cafe in Soho. I’ve been wanting to visit since it first opened, and now I’m so envious that we don’t have one on the West Coast. This place is brilliant and designed so perfectly. I was told that Hamdi Ulukaya (the founder of Chobani!) was at Chobani Soho just a few minutes before I arrived and he tried to stay to meet me but had to run to a meeting! I almost cried. I don’t get starstruck, but I had a Chobani fangirl moment. Chobani is one of the fastest growing companies, EVER. It’s safe to say that Chobani is the Apple of yogurt and that Hamdi is pretty much Steve Jobs of the industry. Their technology, direction, enthusiasm, and care have built an unstoppable brand. I have to meet Hamdi next time I am in NY!

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-23I had the honor of meeting the chefs who brought out 3 delicious Chobani Greek Yogurt Creations!


RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-25From the savory menu: Mango + Avocado: mango, avocado, jalapeños, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, fresh cilantro, and lime juice, served with blue corn tortilla chips.

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-26From the sweet menu: Toasted Coconut + Pineapple: fresh pineapple, toasted coconut flakes, crushed hazelnuts, topped with light agave nectar.

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-27My absolute favorite: Fig + Walnut: dried figs, walnuts, with drizzled with clover honey.

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-32Dom loved the Fig + Walnut as well!

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-28My favorite part of the cafe is that there is a little Evil Eye embedded in the wall in the upper left hand corner. You wouldn’t really notice it unless you we’re really looking, but it was the first thing that I saw. My Armenian grandmother was obsessed with char atchk (evil eye in Armenian). She carried one everywhere she went, and she made my sister and I have them with us at all times. I still have one on my keychain, and one on hanging on my door in my room. It’s something that’s always been special to me, so seeing it in the restaurant reminded me of my grandmother.
RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-30RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-30When I was on my way to JFK, I saw this sign to the right of the highway. It was the perfect exit from the city and reminder to always eat real food, which is what this blog stands for.

RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-31The second I landed it was back to business for me! I printed out packing slips, shipping labels, and started packing up Eat More Rabbit Food shirt orders for all of my little bunnies! Your support is unbelievable! I still cannot believe how fast these shirts sell! It makes me so happy to know that so many of you are so passionate about healthy eating and rabbit food!


RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-34 RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-36
RFFMBT-goes-to-NYC-35Thankfully I have a super cute assistant to sing “lalala” and smile while I pack orders! My friends have the prettiest babies, I love when Celina and her little one Miss Laila Rose come over to hangout!

I hope that everybunny had an amazing Labor Day weekend!
Now I’m back to packing and shipping Labor Day Sale orders and creating some recipes for this week!

Health & Happiness
xo Catherine

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Neon EAT MORE RABBIT FOOD racerback tanks are here!
I know, I know, it has taken me forever. I’m starting to think that it’s time for me to join procrastinators anonymous, because I have been seriously slacking on getting the new tanks up. You guys asked for neon, and I listened! These tanks are N-E-O-N! The photos don’t even do the color justice, they are blinding in person. Definitely helpful for outdoor nighttime workouts like running, power walking, and cycling – You will definitely be seen in these ones : ) Thank you to my bet friend Brett for being my model again! She’s amazing, and she’s gorgeous!

Also new to the mix: Men’s Neon Pink Shirts! Highly requested by the guys at Full Psycle! Big thank you to my neighbor Patrick who I have known since I was born for being my model! You da you da best

Back by popular demand: The Health Nut T! One of my favorites, and I’m so happy you guys love them too!
Another special request: baby onesies and kids shirts! It only took me 2 years to finally do this (again, procrastinators anonymous)! Thanks to my sister’s adorable idea, all of the kiddo apparel appropriately says “EAT MORE BUNNY FOOD!” Huge thank you to my little bunny models Ruby & Cole  and their parents for letting me photograph them! I am just dying over the cuteness.

Baby Onesies come in light pink and light blue – sizes 6 months through 18 months!

My little model is pretty big in New Zealand. She’s framed on the wall in her “EAT MORE BUNNY FOOD” onesie in library in Coromandel Area School where her grandma works in NZ!

Kids Shirts come in blue and light pink – sizes 2T-4T and kids S-XL!


For anyone who is wondering, the stuffed fruit and veggie sets are from Ikea! As you can tell, my models loved the stuffed bunny food. Ruby even got her own sets for her first birthday!

Stuffed fruit & veggie sets can be found here:
DUKTIG 14-piece vegetables set
DUKTIG 9-piece fruit basket set

I hope you love the nest shirts, everybunny!
Happy shopping!Health & Happiness
xo Catherine

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Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeeeee, happy birthday to me!

Congratulations to the winner of my 25th Birthday Giveaway: Melissa M. (@FitMooney on Instagram)! be sure to check your email so I can get your prize on its way to you!

I LOVED reading all of your comments about “the best birthday gift you’ve ever received” for the giveaway! Some of them were so sweet that I was sitting in bed with my bunny stuffed animal tearing up, and others had my laughing uncontrollably. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who reads my blog, shares it on social media, tells your friends and family about it, and for entering my giveaway! Your support means the world to me. This blog has been a dream job and has brought me so much happiness that I cannot even describe.

Today is my 25th birthday! What is more appropriate than Birthday Cake Batter Protein Pancakes?! Ummm, nothing. I love cake batter, I mean who doesn’t? This is a healthy high protein twist on pancakes that you will absolutely love. If you’re looking for a super cute birthday breakfast to surprise your health nut or gym bunny friend, you can top these protein pancakes with with vanilla greek yogurt “frosting” and sprinkles, or if it’s your unbirthday, you can eat them plain with maple syrup! They’re great both ways!





Birthday Cake Batter Protein Pancakes
Serves 1

1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/2 cup rolled oats
1 whole egg
1 egg white
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp almond extract

Add all ingredients into a high powered blender and blend until smooth. The batter will be thick, so you may have to spoon it onto the skillet. Heat a skillet over medium-high heat. Generously spray the skillet with nonstick cooking spray, and pour a palm sized amount of batter. Let the batter cook for about one minute or until bottom is golden brown, flip, and then repeat until cooked through. Be sure to re-spray the pan with nonstick cooking spray in-between each pancake. Serve hot with “protein frosting” or maple syrup!

Protein Frosting
Vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt
Rainbow sprinkles

Sugar-Free Protein Frosting
Chobani Nonfat plain Chobani Greek Yogurt
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Stevia, splenda, or sugar-free sweetener of choice to taste

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Hi from Chicago O’Hare International Airport! I am en route to Toronto, Canada and just missed my connection because my flight out of LAX was delayed. I thought I was in shape until I ran from Terminal C to Terminal E with my duffle bag and quickly learned that I should probably change up my cardio! So here I am, writing you from Chicago while I wait for the next flight to Toronto in 2 hours 3 and a half hours 3 hours and 50 minutes (delayed again).

But what better way to pass time at an airport than posting a giveaway for my amazing readers! It is officially my birthday week! I am turning 25 on Friday, August 15th, and I am giving away 25 awesome things to one lucky reader! I’ve collected some super adorable bunny, fruit & veggie, and cooking themed items from my favorite Japanese store Daiso as well as some makeup from Butter London’s new fall collection “Brick Lane,” and an “Eat More Rabbit Food” shirt for the prize package!


Catherine’s 25th Birthday Giveaway includes:

  1. Your choice of color and size Eat More Rabbit Food racerback tank
  2. Citrus juicer
  3.  Adorable bear cutting sheet
  4.  Bunny microfiber hand towel
  5.  Fried egg molds
  6.  Mini bunny cake mold
  7.  Bunny sticky tabs
  8.  Popsicle molds
  9.  Banana slicer (have you read any of the 4,940 reviews for the banana slicer on Amazon? If not, you should. It’s soooo funny.)
  10.  Bunny bath sponge
  11.  ‘Dust bunny’ duster
  12.  Assorted fruit and vegetable shaped erasers
  13.  Bunny shaped correction (whiteout) tape
  14.  Bunny cookie cutter/rice mold
  15.  Bunny kitchen timer
  16. Butter London WINK Mascara in “British Racing Green”
  17.  Butter London WINK Mascara in “Cor Blimey”
  18.  Butter London WINK Cream Eye Shadow in “Coriander”
  19.  Butter London WINK Eye Pencil in “Busker”
  20.  Butter London WINK Eye Pencil in “Cor Blimey”
  21.  Butter London LIPPY Liquid Lipstick in “Ruby Murray”
  22. Butter London LIPPY Tinted Balm in “Jaffa”
  23. Butter London LIPPY Tinted Balm in “Tramp Stamp”
  24. Butter London CHEEKY Cream Blush in “Ruby Murray”
  25. Butter London Nail Lacquer in “Brick Lane”

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Must use a valid email address to enter. Contest open to all countries!

Giveaway ends on Thursday, August 14th at 11:59 PM (PST).
1 winner will be randomly selected and announced on Friday, August 15th.

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