Last week I went to Disneyland with Matt and family so I wanted to share some fun photos from the day with you guys on my blog! Matt’s sister Olivia and her two boys Nixon and Maddox were visiting from Seattle so we took the boys to Disneyland for the first time on Olivia’s birthday. So many celebrations that day!
RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-0Of course I had to wear my Minnie ears!

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-1Matt’s family: Carlos, Matt, Olivia, Linda, Maddox & Nixon.

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-2Maddox and uncle Matthew!

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-3Olivia and the stroller baby haha.

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-4 RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-5Matt and I in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-6I decided to do a fun little giveaway while I was at Disneyland! I took a photo in front of the castle holding an “eat more rabbit food shirt,” posted it on Instagram (and all of my social media platforms) and said the first person to spot me in the park got the shirt! It was way too fun! It’s crazy how many bunnies were at Disneyland the same day as me! I am going to be doing this all the time, so keep your eyes peeled on Instagram!

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-7Olivia and I were really pumped that we had matching ears, so when we were in line for Autopia I said, “we need a cute car to match our ears! Maybe a pink car!!! Anything but that poop brown one.” Guess what car we got? POOP BROWN. So disappointing! We were laughing so hard when it pulled up around the corner. Of course we Snapchatted the entire Autopia experience haha.

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-8 RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-9 RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-10Matt and I on Splash Mountain, PRE splash… Probably the most soaked I’ve ever gotten on that ride!

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-11Matt, me, and Olivia. Bless her heart for taking the front of the log on her birthday. She was DRENCHED afterwards!

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-12Olivia, me, Matt, and Carlos on Indiana Jones!

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-13“Tropical Imports” (next to the Jungle Cruise) is one of my favorite snack spots in Adventureland. You can fuel up with healthy provisions at this snack stand and find fruit in all forms: whole, cut, fresh and dried. Everything from tropical pineapple or mango, pickle spears, trail mix, and veggie snacks.

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-14Since we first got in line for Splash Mountain (an hour or so prior), all Matt wanted was Dole Whip. That’s right, he was craving rabbit food (insert clapping emoji here)! After riding Indiana Jones, we made our way over to the Enchanted Tiki Room for some Dole Whip and Dole Floats!

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-15Dole Whip is one of my FAVORITE sweet treats to eat at Disneyland. It’s also a great option for anyone looking for something vegan and/or gluten free! Dole Whip hasn’t always been vegan, but in 2013 the recipe was reformulated and sodium caseinate was removed from the recipe. Soooooo yes, Dole Whip is vegan. Enjoy!

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-16Maddox (wearing his brother’s Mickey ears) and Matt walking to It’s A Small World.

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-17Maddox and Olivia waiting in line for It’s A Small World.

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-18While the rest of Matt’s family went on Alice In Wonderland, the two of us went on the teacups! Always a favorite place for me to photograph! It’s such a classic! His dimples kill me!!!! S’cute!

RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-19 RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-20 RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-21 RFFMBT-Goes-To-Disneyland-22Bye bye Disneyland!

I get asked all the time to recommend healthy places to eat at Disneyland. I’ve previously done a post with some of my favorite places to eat and included some of my favorite healthy meals to order at Disneyland which you can find here! I’m also thinking about doing another healthy Disney dining post and a video soon if you guys are interested!

Health & Happinessxo-Catherine

Niagara Falls, Canada NYE

I finally found some time to go through my photos from my trip to Canada for New Years, and I’m shivering just looking at them! A few days after Christmas, Matt and I flew to Toronto, Canada. He had to work on New Year’s Eve, and I got invited to tag along, which was seriously so much fun. We flew into Toronto and then made our way to Niagara Falls for Entertainment Tonight Canada’s NYE Bash at the Falls. The falls are absolutely stunning. It was “warm” as the Canadians would say, but I’m letting you know right now – this was the coldest I have even been in my life. I’ve been skiing, I’ve been in below zero temperatures, but the windchill and moisture in the air at Niagara Falls is FREEZING. I have terrible circulation, so my feet and hands are always first to freeze, so I survived walking around the falls with mini heating packs in my shoes that I purchased from Shoe Hero and gloves… and still bought a second pair of gloves during the walk! Don’t let the little patches of sun peeking through the clouds fool you, it was actually snowing while we took these photos and my lens kept fogging up!
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-1 Perception above vs reality below.
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-2 Bunny teeth out in full force!
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-3 Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-4 Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-6 Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-7There were SO many rainbows at the falls, it was gorgeous. And yes, that is in fact a double rainbow!
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-8 Matt and a rainbow! So prittayyyy!Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-5This is the American side of the falls. So sunny! Matt and I were cracking up because we both got US cell service (AT&T) while we were in Niagara Falls because we were so close to the border! Score for us!
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-9These are the Canadian falls! Note how theirs are instantly icier and snow covered!
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-10I love how different both sides of the falls look. The Canadian side looks drastically colder!
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-11 Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-12 Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-13 Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-14 Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-15Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-16 After we explored the falls we went to the venue for the ET NYE show where matt was tour managing.
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-18 The show started off with fireworks that were set off from the falls at 9pm, so we all went outside of the greenroom to watch.
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-19 Matt and fireworks!
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-25While Matt was working I went and bared the cold to photograph and watch some of the other artists perform. I loved watching Lights open the show, she’s adorable.
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-26Next up was our little nugget Shawn!
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-27He absolutely killed it with Nick Jonas, so proud!
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-28Keith Urban closed the show. Matt is so proud of this photo, the perfect hair flip. Such luscious locks haha.
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-20 At midnight fireworks shot off from Skylon Tower!
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-21I LOVE this photo of Matt! He will probably hate it, but I think it’s the cutest thing ever! So much joy and happiness : )
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-22Matt and I at midnight!
Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-23 Niagara-Falls-Canada-NYE-2015-24Confetti everywhere, the end of a perfect NYE!


Seattle Christmas Visit

Happy new year everybunny! I’ve been traveling traveling traveling — and I want to keep you posted on my latest adventures, so here we go! After Matt finished the Jingle Ball tour, he flew straight to Seattle to his sister’s house for Christmas with his family. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my family and then flew up to Seattle later in the afternoon on Christmas eve and had Christmas dinner with Matt, his parents, his sister & husband, and their two little boys!

DAY 1 //
Seattle-December-44I have come to realize that every time I visit Seattle, I drink copious amounts of coffee! The day after Christmas Matt’s family and I went shopping and grabbed some lunch and then Nana and Papa took the kiddos home for their naps so we could go out for some java. Matt, Olivia, Michael, and I met up with my friend Lynae who lives in Seattle and had big plans to go to the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room, but by the time we arrived, the line wrapped around the building! Sooooo we cheated on Starbucks and went to Stumptown and Gas Works Park!
Seattle-December-22 Matt and I at Gas Works Park. The view is so beautiful. Space Needle to the right!
Seattle-December-24Lynae and I at Gas Works Park!
Seattle-December-23Matt, his sister Olivia, and I.

Seattle-December-42After visiting Gas Works Park, we found the Freemont Troll. Super creepy!

DAY 2 //
Seattle-December-1Above is Matt’s youngest nephew Maddox pretending to be Uncle Matt. We started calling him “Tiny TM” for Tiny Tour Manager! So stinkin’ cute with the Jingle Ball beanie, backstage pass, and radio!

Seattle-December-43On Me:  Beanie: Ebay (black)  |  Sunnies: Celine  |  Jacket:  Element (Matt’s, old) Similar Here and Here (on sale!)  |  Leggings: Zella

We all decided to go on a walk with the boys so they could run off some energy while Olivia was at work. Seattle has some of the prettiest trails. I love this photo of little Maddox running full blast towards me!

Seattle-December-4Found a baby bear in the woods! These awesome two-toned booties are from Forever 21, but unfortunately I couldn’t find them online for you guys!

Seattle-December-5And he’s the cutest bear you’ve ever seen!

Seattle-December-6Uncle Matt and his nephews.

Seattle-December-7Strong nuggets!

Seattle-December-8I can’t get enough of these two!

Seattle-December-9So on our walk Matt thought it would be fun to teach the boys “hard styles” (take a knee, grab a hand, make a mean face), and this is what we got from a 5 year old and a 2 year old.
Seattle-December-10SO HARD! Check out that squat! DGAF!

Seattle-December-14And then we tried to get all of the boys to do “hard styles.” I’m really liking those #raresquats going on in the front. So good. So hard.

Seattle-December-13Baby bear Maddox and poppa bear Michael.

Seattle-December-11On Matt: Beanie: Beanie  |  Sunnies: RetroSUPERfuture  |  Jacket: The North Face (TNF Black)

Uncle Matthew and Nixon walking with their suh-weeeet new sticks they found.
Seattle-December-12Seattle-December-15Cuties. Their dimples are too much, I can’t handle it!
Seattle-December-17Seattle-December-16Matt’s mom Linda and dad Carlos and their grandsons!

Seattle-December-19Boys will be boys!

Seattle-December-20On Me:  Beanie: Ebay (black)  |  Sunnies: Celine  |  Jacket:  Element (Matt’s, old) Similar Here and Here (on sale!)

On Matt: Beanie: Beanie  |  Sunnies: RetroSUPERfuture  |  Jacket: The North Face (TNF Black)


DAY 3 //
Seattle-December-26Maddox helping Matt tie his shoes before we left for Gas Works Park.

Seattle-December-27Hat: Brixton (Light Heather Gray)  |  Jacket: Glamour Kills (also available in girls!)  |  Shoes: Jack Purcell

We decided to go back to Gas Works Park and take the boys to run around and play !
Seattle-December-28 Seattle-December-29 Seattle-December-31Uncle Matthew at his finest!

Seattle-December-32There was this random platform out in the water, so Matt insisted on walking out to it for a photo.
Seattle-December-33Surprisingly he made it, and didn’t fall in!

Seattle-December-38Seattle-December-34Seattle-December-35 Seattle-December-37Hat: Brixton (Light Heather Gray)  |  Jacket: Glamour Kills (also available in girls!)  |  Shoes: Jack Purcell

Seattle-December-36Maddox is obsessed with Matt, and every other second he would yell “I WANT HIM!!!!!” and would only hold Matt’s hand or let Matt pick him up haha. You can imagine what he’s saying in this photo!

Seattle-December-41Hat: Brixton (Light Heather Gray)  |  Jacket: Glamour Kills (also available in girls!)  |  Shoes: Jack Purcell

During my trip I established that Matt is my new assistant. He is an excellent purse, coffee,and camera holder!

Seattle-December-39Beanie: Anthropologie  |  Jacket: Nasty Gal  |  Leggings: Zella  |  Boots: Stuart Wizeman (also here)

Soooo, this is a great little story… the boys LOVE being swung, and they get serious air. As seen above, Michael and I are safely swinging Maddox. Below is what happens when someone’s hand slips…
Seattle-December-40On Me: Beanie: Anthropologie  |  Jacket: Nasty Gal  |  Leggings: Zella  |  Boots: Stuart Wizeman (also here)

On Matt: Hat: Brixton (Light Heather Gray)  |  Jacket: Glamour Kills (also available in girls!)  |  Shoes: Jack Purcell

It’s ok, I caught him with my motherly instinct and ninja like reflex/grip! He literally had no idea what happened and yelled “DO IT AGAINNNNNN!!!” I cannot believe Michael caught this moment on camera! If anyone is looking for babysitters, Matt and I are totally available! Hahahahaha. Just kidding!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
I can’t wait to share my photos from Canada & Niagara Falls next!


chicago-20Healthy eating while traveling is easy as pie when you have Larabar! These are my go-to portable travel snacks because they are a gluten-free blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices – made from whole foods. Each flavor contains no more than nine ingredients, is minimally processed, and are as close to their natural state as possible. Their “Pie” flavors come in Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Apple, PieCoconut Cream Pie, Key Lime Pie, and Cherry Pie!
chicago-1I went to visit Matt for a few days while he was on the Jingle Ball tour in Chicago.
chicago-7Beanie: Ebay (color: navy)   |  Jacket: Nasty Gal  |   Leggings: Zella  |  Boots: Stuart Wizeman (also here)
Had to take a photo at The Bean in Millennium Park!
chicago-4Jacket: Nasty Gal  |  Mittens: H&M  Bag: Goyard GM Tote 

I’ve heard about DAVID’s Tea for years and I finally got to visit a store while I was in Chicago. t did not disappoint at all. I seriously spent an hour in there, bought Christmas gifts for all of my friends, and made Matt walk back two days in a row so I could get a “Forever Nuts” tea latte each day! Their branding and stores are soon cute! Love the bright teal color of the cups!
chicago-2Matt holding all of my DAVID’s Tea! haha.
chicago-5Matt and I were walking down the street and did a full on double take when we saw a sign in front of Starbucks that said “BEER.” Say what? Beer? At Starbucks? We walking in to check it out…
chicago-6Lo and behold they serve wine & cheese, and bacon wrapped dates at this Starbucks location after 2pm! We definitely don’t have this at any of the Starbucks locations in Southern California by my house!
chicago-13We stopped by Whole Foods to pick up Sandwiches for lunch, and I was pleasantly surprised to see nutritional yeast at the salad bar! I love putting nutritional yeast on my salads for a vegan “cheese” option, but not all Whole Foods have nutritional Yeast at their salad bars. It’s the little things!
chicago-8One night we met up with our friends Kevin & Ali, and Josiah, and went to a blues bar! The following is what happens when I say “lets take a photo!”
chicago-9 chicago-10 chicago-11 chicago-14chicago-22On the last night of my trip was The Jingle Ball show. Love getting to hangout with my little nugget Shawn!
chicago-17chicago-18Iggy is seriously too cute, and that booty is insane. I need to start doing more squats.
chicago-19chicago-15Snow in Chicago!
chicago-21Beanie: Ebay (color: mustard)   |  Jacket: Nasty Gal

Health & Happiness
xo-CatherineI am currently in Seattle and on my way to Toronto, Seattle photos coming up next!


I’m finally home from my two weeks of solid travel! I went from a high of 60degrees in Seattle, flew home to a sunny 75 degree Southern California, and then straight to 90 degree Dallas! You could probably guess that my packing skills were terrible during these trips because I could not even process what the temperature changes would really feel like! Where is real fall?! I want changing leaves, cloud cover, and cold weather already!

I had the best time in Dallas. I got to see my childhood friend Andrea, one of my old roommates Tara, and my friend Jason and his wife Amanda! It was so fun getting to catch up and see my friends that I haven’t seen for months and even years!

I’ve been to every big city in Texas, but Dallas was the last one to check off my list. In my head, I always thought that Dallas was the city with tall buildings and a downtown, and that Fort Worth was a suburb just outside of Dallas. Boy was I wrong… I had no idea that Fort Worth and Dallas were so far apart (about 45 minutes), and that Fort Worth had it’s own downtown full of tall buildings and night life! I spent half of my time in each place, and fell in love with each!

Dallas-2Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas.

Dallas-5Tony Tasset’s 30ft tall eyeball statue across from the Joule hotel in downtown Dallas. It’s at 1607 Main Street, Dallas if you are ever in the area! 

Dallas-8Loved this little ice cream cone seating area outside of an ice cream parlor!

Dallas-12I spent some time exploring and walking around downtown Dallas and saw this adorable little mobile library. It’s called “Downtown’s (Un)parked Library” also called the “wheel-borrow” provided by Downtown Dallas, Inc. This little mobile library is filled with books that you can read while you’re relaxing in the park and return before you leave. I love this idea, it’s so charming and gave a sense of community to a big city.

Dallas-15Whenever I’m in big cities, I love to see the contrast of nature against architecture. In the middle of downtown Dallas, there was a huge area of local plants.

Dallas-17After exploring downtown I headed to Highland Park, which I am absolutely obsessed with. Their adorable Highland Park Village is filled with high end shops and restaurants that are to die for.

Dallas-21This old theater in the middle of Highland Park Village had so much character and charm.

Dallas-22I am obsessed with the tree lined streets in Highland Park!

Dallas-23My mom and I spent a few hours at the Stock Yards in Fort Worth. It’s the exact opposite of downtown Dallas! This is real Texas! The Texas that you think of in your head!

Dallas-26I loved all of the old historic buildings and their mixed mediums of pallets and brick.

Dallas-28Boots on boots on boots.

Dallas-29Ombre display of cowboy hats.

Dallas-32We were definitely in the right place at the right time, and as we were walking down the street there was a cattle drive, where they moved the longhorns from one end of the street to the other. My mom and I kept looking at each other in amazement that there were no fences or anything between these giant bulls and the public! This would never happen in LA!

Dallas-34This little guy wanted to walk at his own pace at the end of the line!

Dallas-36Seriously… only in Texas!

Dallas-40The stockyards had tons of things to see and do during the day, but I heard that the night life is great as well. There’s tons of bars, saloons, and a gigantic honky-tonk!

Dallas-41Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth.

Dallas-42A view of the gorgeous downtown Fort Worth at night.

My trip was so much fun, but I’m so happy to be home in my own bed (until my next trip to Nevada in Nov!). I’m cooking up some fun fall recipes for you guys and I can’t wait for you to see them!

Health & Happiness
xo Catherine

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