Living in Southern California my entire life, I grew up going to Palm Springs every Easter with my family. Every trip to palm springs always included a quick stop by the date gardens in Indio to get a date shake. Since you guys know I love “healthifying” comfort foods, today is the day for a Lightened Up Date Shake. Traditional date shakes consist of full fat vanilla ice cream, whole milk, and dates. My recipe still consists of 3 ingredients, but adds up to nearly a fraction of the calories! Plus it’s vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, paleo, and low-fat!

A traidtional date shake adds up to:
Calories: 626
Fat: 25.3g
Sugar: 77.5g
Fiber: 4.5g
Protein: 13.2g

And my Lightened Up Date Shake totals:
Calories: 330
Fat: 1.25g
Sugar: 57.5g (all natural unrefined sugar)
Fiber: 8g
Protein: 3g

Not all sugars are created equal. Say a candy bar (refined sugar) has the same amount of sugar as a banana (natural sugar). They process through your body completely different.¬†Whole fruit has a lot of fiber, which actually slows down your body’s digestion of glucose, so you don’t get the crazy insulin spike (and crash) that candy causes. That also means your body has more time to use up glucose as fuel before storing it… as fat.

That’s the #1 reason why I love using Medjool Dates as a sweetener in baking and other recipes versus regular table sugar!

Lightened Up Date Shake
Serves 1

3 Natural Delights Medjool Dates, pitted
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup unsweetened original almond milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Remove pits from dates. Blend blend blend until smooth and creamy!

Tip: To make this more filling as a meal replacement, try adding 1/4 cup of dry rolled oats to the blender!

Huge thank you to Natural Delights for supplying the dates for this recipe!

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15 Responses so far.

  1. My parents recently purchased a house in Palm Springs and when I was out visiting they took me to the date farm in Indio. They told me I had to try a date shake, and I am hooked!! Can’t wait to go out again and get another one, but so excited to try this recipe to get my fix when I can’t go out there!! Thanks!!

    Response from Michelle
    • Date shakes are the bomb! And totally nostalgic to me!

      Response from Catherine
  2. This looks really yummy! I have the almond date rolls on hand…do you think this recipe would work with those?

    Response from Kristi
    • Kristi, I think that would be delicious! Nothing wrong with some more almonds since there is almond milk! Let me know how it turns out :)

      Response from Catherine
  3. Mmmmm. I could eat dates every day! And I love using them to make cookies and cakes (the natural sweetness is just the best), but I’ve never thought of adding them to my morning shakes! Yummy!

    Response from D @ The Kosher Cave Girl
    • Oh my gosh, it’s a must!

      Response from Catherine
  4. I don’t normally comment on blog posts but I just made this for dinner with the rolled oats and a handful of almonds – HOLY MOLEY was it good!!!!! Thanks for the recipe! So simple but so delicious – I’ll definitely be making it again!

    Response from Kelly
    • Awwww! I’m so excited you decided to comment! I love hearing from readers and am so glad you loved the shake! xo

      Response from Catherine
  5. Thanks! I will have to try this :)

    Response from Candace Anne
  6. I just went out to buy all the ingredients… can’t wait to try this! Thanks!!

    Response from Lilly
    • That’s great Lilly! Let me know what you think!

      Response from Catherine
    • It.was.perfect!

      Response from Lilly
  7. Yes!! Had my first of many date shakes in Indio!! I am thrilled to see this shake with much lower fat grams!! Thinking…summer breakfast!!

    Response from CM
  8. I just made this with regular dates, and OMG. This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing the recipe! :)

    Response from Kathryn
    • I’m so happy you loved it! <3

      Response from Catherine