I’m excited to announce that my “EAT MORE RABBIT FOOD” shirts are back!
Head on over to the RFFMBT store to check out all of the new colors and styles as well as some other goodies! Get them while they’re hot!

Huge thank you to my gorgeous model Brett!
She’s the ultimate bunny babe!

Eat More Rabbit Food Shirt

Health & Happiness xo

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14 Responses so far.

  1. YAY! I just ordered the passionfruit cutout tank – although I had a hard time narrowing down which one I wanted, they’re all super cute! I can’t wait until it arrives in the mail :)

    Response from Becky
  2. Obsessssssed isn’t the word. These are just adorable. I want everything !

    Response from Amanda R.
  3. Those are cute!

    xo Jennifer


    Response from Jennifer
  4. Are the tank tops see through?

    Response from April
  5. Bought mine, so super cute!!

    Response from Katherine
  6. I have to get my hands on one of these shirts!! Way too cute!

    Response from Mary
  7. I’m patiently waiting for that Kale number to be available in a small – they’re all SO cute though!

    Response from Elle | nutritionella
  8. I am LOVING your shirts!! I had been going back and forth between a few things and finally decided on one today :) I know you aren’t taking special requests, but I am really hoping you decide to come out with a black hoodie one of these days :)

    Response from Kim | kimbfit.com
  9. :( they are sold out already! Really wanted the pink with dark blue lettering in medium! Hope I can buy one soon!

    Response from Amanda
  10. Hey lady, thanks for getting more shirts! Here’s a bunny for your hard work. :)

    Response from Robyn
  11. Too many colors omg I can’t decide! I love the sheer print on the tanks and how they have different back cuts, these are soooo adorable!

    Response from Sandi
  12. I’m so bummed they are already sold out :( Will you have more soon?

    Response from Kim
  13. When will the tanks be available again?! :(

    Response from Ash
  14. when will the tanks be available again??? i love these so much. it makes me feel cute when i workout

    Response from aleisha