Any coffee addicts out there?
I’ve been obsessed with coffee since high school and then got completely addicted in college when the all nighters started happening haha.  When I went to visit my friend Tammy in Holland this past summer, she made me the most amazing iced coffee every morning.

She would brew a fresh pot of coffee, add some sugar, pour it all into ice cube trays and freeze it overnight, and then in the morning put the coffee cubes in a glass and fill it with milk. It’s so simple, and 10 times better than regular iced coffee (aka coffee, milk, and ice cubes).

I hate when I order or make an iced coffee and the entire cup is filled with ice instead of coffee, and can’t stand when it gets all watery towards the end after the ice starts to melt. If you have the same iced coffee pet peeves as me, you will loveeee this!

Coffee ice cubes are a genius and simple way to get the best iced coffee!
Almond Milk Coffee= perfection

The Best Iced Coffee
How To:

1. Brew your favorite coffee
2. Mix in stevia or sugar – whatever you would normally put in your coffee (I used 12 drops of liquid stevia)
3. Pour into an ice cube tray
4. Freeze coffee ice cubes overnight
5. Pop about 6 cubes out of the tray and transfer to a cup
6. Fill the cup with unsweetened original almond milk
7. Let it sit for a few minutes, and enjoy!

If you like sweet coffee, the trick is to add the sweetener to your coffee before freezing it into cubes! The amount of coffee ice cubes you put into your glass depends on how strong you like your iced coffee, start with 6 and you can add from there!