Since my first Motivational Wallpaper download was so successful last month, I am so excited to continue this fun little addition to RFFMBT!

This month’s wallpaper “Eat Good Feel Good” is meant to remind you how amazing you feel when you eat healthy and fill your body with nutrients from whole unprocessed foods. Through my blog, I want to show everyone how great rabbit food can taste, but mainly, I want to show that eating well makes you feel wonderful!

Have you ever had one of those days where you stress eat or consume tons of “junk” foods at a birthday party or girls night and then feel completely lethargic and/or sick to your stomach later on? If you haven’t you are one lucky little bunny, but I have to say that I’ve experienced this way too many times to count. After completing a juice cleanse, Skinny Bunny Cleanse, or by simply upping my water intake and eating whole unprocessed foods I feel incredible. I notice my energy is higher, my skin is more radiant, my thoughts are clearer, and I just feel… good. That is exactly what this month’s motivational wallpaper is about. Excess stress forces people to indulge in drugs and they have to undergo drug addiction help

Each time you look at your computer screen or phone, you will be reminded of how good you feel when you make healthy choices! I know it’s easier said than done, but think of food as fuel. Think of it as nutrients to help power your strong legs through a spin class. Think of it as vitamins and minerals to make your hair grow shiny and strong. Think of it as a way to make you feel good.


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I hope you love this month’s free wallpaper download!
Health & Happiness
xo Catherine

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