New Spring 2014 Shirts

Best news of the entire week: SHIRTS ARE BACK IN STOCK!

I have 1 new design and 1 gorg new color in the “Eat More Rabbit Food” shirts!
Get them while they’re hot, because as you have seen before – they sell quickly!

You guys kill me with your love on my blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! I just adore you all so much and love seeing your “rabbit food” meal checkins and adorable shirt photos!

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all of your support.
I know I say this all the time, but I love you little bunnies!
I love hearing from first time commenters, from my little twitter pen pals, from new followers… all of it! You make me smile everyday with your enthusiasm and passion for rabbit food!

Do you have a RFFMBT shirt?
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Introducing “The Health Nut” T!
Available in Black and Light Grey!

Chia seeds, green smoothies, coconut oil, kale for days… the essentials for a health nut!
This shirt is SUPER OVERSIZED! It’s actually ginormous! So ginormous that my screen printer texted me to confirm that I dropped off the correct shirts. Hahaha. I wore mine as a beach cover up the other day! I loveeee huge baggy shirts! You can let the neck slouch off the shoulder, or knot the bottom for a cute casual look! So versatile, so comfy, so cute, so healthy!


Eat-More-Rabbit-Food-Shirts-May-2014ColorsThe “Eat More Rabbit Food” long sleeve oversized shirts have been restocked.
Available in Turquoise (NEW!), Navy (back by popular demand!), Olive Green, Grey, and Back!

I’m kind of laughing looking at how pale I was in the “Winter” shirt photos! Oh man, what a couple of days in Palm Springs and at the beach can do for my skin color (as seen in the turquoise shirt photo)!

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to order more of the pastel colors (white, light pink, light yellow, and lavender) because my supplier is completely out of stock! I’ll keep checking though!

I hope you love the new shirts!
Health & Happiness
xo Catherine


Spring 2014 Shirts

They’re hereeeeeee!
RFFMBT “Eat More Rabbit Food” Spring 2014 colors are now available!
Get them while they’re hot, because as you have seen before – they sell quickly!

I cannot believe I’ve been blogging and making Eat More Rabbit Food shirts for TWO YEARS! I’m still in awe each and every time one of you asks if I will be “getting more shirts in!” It makes me so happy to know that so many of you are passionate about healthy eating and want to spread the word about rabbit food! I’m beyond grateful and humbled by your support, I love you little bunnies!

Have an Eat more Rabbit Food Shirt?
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New Spring Colors: Pastel Yellow, Lavender, Light Pink, and White!


Back by popular demand: Olive Green, Grey, and Black Oversized Long Sleeve Shirts!Winter-2014-Eat-More-Rabbit-Food-Shirts
Also restocked: Men’s Blue and Mocha Short Sleeve Shirts!Mens-2014-Eat-More-Rabbit-Food-Shirts

Note: I’ve mentioned this before, but just incase there are any new International shoppers… I know the International shipping prices totally suck… the United States Postal Service does not make shipping for small businesses very easy or affordable : ( But I want you guys to know that everything is shipped via USPS Flat Rate shipping prices, so I don’t set the prices, the post office does.

All shirts ordered today will be shipped on Tuesday!

Health & Happiness
xo Catherine

Eat More Rabbit Food Winter 2014 Merch!

It’s finally hereeeeee!
RFFMBT “Eat More Rabbit Food” Winter 2014 Merchandise!

I’m usually behind the lens taking the photos of my clothes, but huge thanks to Cardelucci for photographing, I was able to model my new styles!

I can’t believe how fast the first couple months of 2014 are flying by!
I’ve been so busy working on new projects and collaborations and couldn’t be more excited to share it all with you!
That being said, I apologize for totally slacking on the merchandise, but it’s officially on sale now!

I know the International shipping prices totally suck… the United States Postal Service does not make shipping for small businesses very easy or affordable : ( But I want you guys to know that everything is shipped via USPS Flat Rate shipping prices, so I don’t set the prices, the post office does.

I’m really excited for you guys to see all of the new pieces for Winter 2014!

Eat-More-Rabbit-Food-Oversized-Long-Sleeve-ShirtThe new Long Sleeve Oversized Shirts are so flowy and comfy! They’ve available in Navy, Black, Red, Grey, and Olive Green! This is by far my FAV style shirt I’ve ever sold! If you guys like them as much as I do, I want to order some bright colors for spring!

Eat-More-Rabbit-Food-Fold-Over-Yoga-PantsFold-Over Yoga Pants

Eat-More-Rabbit-Food-TankMint Green Ribbed Racerbacks

Eat-More-Rabbit-Food-HoodieMore Pullover Hoodies in Heather Grey, Charcoal, and Black! Check the sizing chart as these unfortunately run small : ( I am looking for another hoodie brand for next time!

RFFMBT-Beanie-1Carrot Logo Embroidered Beanies for cold outdoor workouts!

I hope you like all of the new goodies!
Health & Happiness
xo Catherine

My Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween Week!

Pumpkin Patch Halloween is one of my fav holidays because I LOVE making costumes. I used to be your typical high school girl that bought all of those itty bitty mini dress costumes from Leg Avenue, but when I went away to college I got obsessed with making my own costumes. During this time of year, glue guns and spandex are my best friends! Since deciding on a halloween costume is always a toughie I thought it would be fun to show you some of my costumes from throughout the years! There are about 5 or 6 years worth of costumes/photos that I found, so enjoy this trip down memory lane haha. I have quite the collection of DIY costumes if I do say so myself!


DIY Pinata Halloween Costume
DIY Pinata Halloween Costume1 You may have seen the first two photos before because my piñata costume was featured in Seventeen Magazine last year and is still on their website! Multiple friends have told me it’s all over Pinterest! Now you guys get the behind the scenes on how to actually make it!

This is my all time favorite costume! I’ve had a serious obsession with Piñatas ever since I moved to Downtown LA and discovered what I like to call “The Piñata District” aka Piñata Row, otherwise known as 9th Street (where Central meets Olympic). There are dozens of stores covered ceiling to floor in brightly colored piñata from animals to One Direction themed!

DIY Piñata Costume: I started this costume with a nude Americal Apparel Tank Dress, and bought royal blue, medium blue, hot pink, orange, and yellow streamers which I cut into 4 inch long strips. I actually constructed this costume while the dress was on me. I didn’t want the dress to stretch and rip the pieces off, so I made sure it was stretched to my size as I hot glued the strips of streamers on. Using a small dot of glue on each strip, I started from the very bottom row of yellow (three rows of each color) and worked my way to the top like a flapper dress, turning the dress around as I went. I gathered a bunch of long pieced and tied one end into a knot and then safety pinned it to the back of my dress as the “donkey tail.” I made matching “donkey ears” out of folded paper – think old school tri-folded name place cards that you made in elementary school for your desk. Then wrapped pink streamers around them to cover them up and stuck bobby pins through them and into my hair.


DIY Cute Pikachu CostumeMy Pikachu costume is also featured on Seventeen’s website!
DIY Girly Pikachu: I made this cute little Pikachu costume while I was still in school at FIDM in 2008. I actually made the yellow tube dress out of a piece of stretchy yellow fabric, and the tutu out of a single piece of elastic and lots of tulle. I covered some old bunny ears with matching yellow fabric – they could easily be made of construction paper and glued to a headband! Super easy to put together, plus the makeup is cute : )


DIY Loofah CostumeAnother popular costume of mine is the loofah (also featured on! Not to toot my own horn, but I was one of the very first loofahs out there! This is from 2009! Pretty sure I’ve also re-worn this costume the most out of all of mine.
DIY Loofah Costume: I started with a black thin strap tank dress (similar to this one) and bought about 8 yards of the roughest stuffiest tulle I could find at Joann’s. I put the dress on and started bunching the tulle and safety pinning the bunches as I went around and around until the dress was completely covered. I grabbed some white curtain cord  from the interior section of Joann’s and safety pinned it on the side. Easy Peasy.


DIY Sims Costume
Sims CostumeI think my Sims costume wins for easiest costume accessory. This one is featured on too! You don’t have to dress up if you don’t feel like it, because in the computer game The Sims they are just normal people… with plumbobs floating over their heads! It’s nerdy but awesome!
DIY Sims Costume: I actually made my own template for this a few years ago, but there are tons of awesome ones that you can print, cut, fold, and glue together! I would recommend this template and instructions. The best part about this costume is that it’s 100% office appropriate! Also recommended for that friend that occasionally gets separated from the group at events. As you can see it makes you really easy to find in large crowds!


DIY Gumball CostumeThere was also that one time I decided to dress up as a gum ball machine and glue thousands of pom poms all over my dress. I won’t elaborate on this one. IT’S SO FLUFFAYYYYYY!


DIY Cute Cookie Monster Costume
Back CameraAnd of course, I love making costumes for my friends! I made Lauren this adorable Cookie Monster costume (similar style as the Pikachu one).
DIY Cookie Monster: I sewed her a simple blue velour tube dress and made a matching tutu out of elastic and tulle. The eyes are made of two ping pong balls glue gunned onto a comb (the kind that veils are sewn onto) with black Sharpie pupils. I finished the costume with some chic cookie accessories made of beige and brown polymer clay!


DIY Risky Business CostumeIf your costume idea falls apart or you need something last minute, I suggest stealing your boyfriend’s white button down and going with Risky Business! High white socks and Raybans are a must! Going out but don’t want to walk around in socks? Put on a pair of comfy flats and then put the white socks over them! It will appear as if you’re just wearing socks, but then you won’t have to worry about wet floors or sharp objects, problem solved!


Corgi-Bunny-Halloween-CostumeTeddy just LOVES dressing up for Halloween. Can’t you tell? Cutest RFFMBT mascot ever!


What are you going to be for Halloween this year?
Andddd Tell me your best and/or worst costume you’ve ever worn!

I’m constructing this years costume today! Ahhhh! I hope it turns out as awesome as it looks in my head! Otherwise… Risky Business it is!

RFFMBT Online Store Is Open For Biz!

Hi everybunny!
I hope you guys had a fun & relaxing labor day weekend!

Things have been busy busy! I’m finally back on the correct time zone and creating new recipes in my kitchen. For everyone who has been asking, the RFFMBT shop is back! Get your EAT MORE RABBIT FOOD shirts while they’re hot! Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for a fun, vegan, g-free giveaway coming up later this week!

Eat More Rabbit Food Shirt Online Store

Health & Happiness xo

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