Ohhhhh exercise…

I have never been a huge fan of working out, but during my weightless journey, I decided to take a different approach on fitness and try out all of the “free first class” offers that I could find at every boutique fitness studio and gym in my area! I tried numerous types of yoga, pilates, spinning, aerobics, and cardio classes until I found what works for me. I went through a long period of time where I obsessed over The Bar Method, but after a year of that, I got completed burned out and then fell in love with spin!

I encourage everyone to be open and try different types of exercise classes. Most websites have postings for your first class free, so why not give it a try? Grab a friend a get your free class on! You won’t regret sweating it out for an hour, but you will regret not trying!

UPDATED 2/11/14:

Spin: 6 days per week (45 minute classes)
Pilates: (3-4 days per week)
Sunday: rest day


I am absolutely in love with spinning. Spinning at Full Psycle to be specific! A couple of years ago, I went to my very first spin class… and it was awful. Just stinkin’ terrible. The instructor was crazy and walked around the class adding resistance on our bikes while we were pedaling, and I didn’t have bike shoes, so my feet were sliding around in the straps/cages and actually fell out at one point. It was the worst expedience, but I laughed about it afterwards and decided that spin just wasn’t for me. Fast forward to this past July 2013, when I was in an absolute workout rut. My rut consisted of being extremely lazy, hating working out, and being completely bored of Bar Method. Until my friend Kate told me about her favorite spin studio called Full Psycle. Her pitch to get me to go with her was pretty convincing. “45 minutes and you’re done. That’s it and your workout for the day is done!” “Full Psycle has clips (cycling shoes) and towels!” “Your first class is free!,” “you are coming with me on Monday, and you can’t say no.” Let me say, everyone needs a Kate, because if she didn’t practically sign me up, I would’ve never gone. I met her at Full Psycle, got a free pair of rental clips (cycling shoes), was provided a towel and weights, and away we went! The first 5 minutes I was wondering why the heck I put myself through this madness, but then the rest was history. I got a complete high and rush of endorphins from the intense workout and was so proud of myself for never stopping or getting off the bike. Since then, I’ve been addicted. I love the workout, I love the atmosphere, and I love love love the students and instructors. It feels like a second home!

Interested in trying a spin class?
I share my tips for your first spin class!

Have a bad experience at spin? 
Read about my epic second attempt at spin!

I just discovered the Pilates reformer in January 2014. My friend Taryn and I were really curious so we took a semi private class together at Core Reform to try it out. Ohhhhh my wordddd it’s such an amazing workout! I can’t even explain to you how weak my core was before I started Pilates. It’s such an incredible toning workout and it works freaking wonders on the inner thighs. My legs and badunkadunk are getting so firm and sculpted, it’s pretty exciting!

I took my very first Bar Method class in January 2012 and became an instant addict. Being a former dancer, I loved the ballet inspired technique along with the fusion of pilates and hint of yoga. I used to dance ballet until high school but could never imagine my adult self shashaying up in a leo, tights, and slicked back bun for a class. I have tried pilates and decided it was just not my thing, nor was it something that I could stick with for longer than a week. I have sampled numerous variations of yoga classes and just couldn’t handle the “ommmms” and “sighs” and would burst out laughing in the dead silence of class. The Bar Method is all of the best aspects of each technique mixed into one. You have the ballet bar along with perfect posture, pilates style movements, and yoga stretches after each muscle group is worked. All along with fun poppy music to get you pumped in your lululemon gear. I take Bar Method classes 4-5 days per week and like to throw in some running (outdoors of course) on the opposite days.


If you just don’t like working out, or are in serious need of some motivation I may have a solution for you:

Try all different types of fitness classes:
So you hate the gym, and running just isn’t for you? There are thousands of group exercise classes out there (yoga, pilates, spinning, aerobics, dancing, martial arts, boxing). Checkout websites beforehand, because most studios offer your “first class free” so why not take advantage and give it a go?
Make it fun by grabbing a friend and trying something new. After all, most classes are only one hour long.
I remember my first spinning class with my two close friends. I didn’t think I was going to make it through the next “out of saddle” leg of our class and almost fell off of the bike laughing every time our instructor yelled “UP!!!!” with a crazy over exaggerated arm movement and Britney Spears blasting in the studio. I didn’t fall in love with spinning that day, but I do get a nice laugh every time I think about the experience.

Get some new gear:
When I am lacking motivation to workout, I treat myself to some new goodies from Nike or Lululemon. No one said that working out can’t be fashionable! There is something so exciting about a new pair of yoga pants, or a fresh pair of running shoes and sometimes, that’s all you need to get into the groove again.

Get fancy:
I know, some of you are going to think I’m crazy… but hear me out.
Sometimes I have those days where I wakeup, look in the mirror as I’m brushing my teeth and say “wahhh.” Yes, I too have my insecure, downer moments where I don’t like the way I look and therefore don’t want to go out in public, let alone a gym or workout class. I have found that getting a little dolled up for my workout makes those days much more bearable. If you look good and feel confident and happy with the way you look, you will be that much more excited to go workout. I’m not telling you to pile on the make-up like Kim K, or to go get a professional blow out before your sweat session, but a little tinted moisturizer with some waterproof mascara, swipe of golden bronzer, and a chic color coordinated outfit could give you the confidence you need.

Schedule your workouts:
I like to schedule my workouts for the upcoming week on Sundays. My Bar Method classes have to be reserved online and often fill up fast, which is reason to sign up beforehand. I also like to pick out my running days for the week, and write down my route or type of run for each day. This way I have time set aside for my workouts, and the excuse “I don’t have time” is instantly eliminated.

Lay out your clothes the night before:
If you are scheduled for an early a.m. run or workout before heading to the office, get your socks, shoes, pants, shirt, undergarments, headphones, and ipod ready the night before. Having your workout clothes ready for you cuts down your prep time and another excuse to not go.