Hello world, I’m Catherine. I am a 25 year old daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, friend, girlfriend, graphic designer, hello kitty addict, blogger extraordinaire (or so I would like to think) writing to you from Orange County, California.

I launched Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth on March 19, 2012. Why the crazy long bunny related name? I have always been obsessed with bunnies. They are the cutest little fluff balls I have ever seen! Have you ever seen an Angora Rabbit? If not, get to google… now. My first stuffed animal was a bunny that looked like Thumper from Bambi, my mom calls me Bun Bun (short for bunny) and I have big front teeth that some may call, bunny teeth. I was also quite a chubby bunny growing up until I said goodbye to processed junk food and hello to greens that often resemble rabbit food.

I became passionate about healthy eating after losing 80lbs with diet alone. You can read my weight loss story here! After dropping some serious lbs, I wanted to tone up, get healthy, and stay there!

During my weight loss journey, I adopted a mainly plant strong nutrient rich vegetarian based diet and try to eat mainly whole unprocessed foods. I fell in love with cooking and creating new dishes and enjoy experimenting with vegan meals a few times a week. I am a bit of a foodie and will try anything once. One thing you will find is that I will never preach to anyone that they need to give up meat and animal products or become a vegetarian or vegan. Everyone has their own preference and taste and not all diets are for everyone, which is perfectly fine with me. I do on the other hand encourage everyone to try plant strong vegetarian or vegan meals once in a while. My brownies and smoothies are so delicious you won’t even realize I have hidden cups of spinach and kale in them! Why do I keep saying “plant strong” you may ask? Because anyone can eat a loaf of bread, a full box of Oreos, and pounds of french fries and call themselves a vegetarian, but that isn’t the type of foodist I want to be. I have taken on a mainly vegetarian lifestyle to incorporate more greens and plant based proteins in my diet to better my health.

I stick to a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins from unprocessed whole foods, which keeps me feeling full and energized all day long. I put meals together with 4 main groups: protein, produce, whole grains, and plant based fats, which I like to call The Rabbit Food Pyramid. Like most others, I have a huge sweet tooth. I have an unhealthy obsession with gummy candies, cupcakes, and gooey oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but have used my newfound cooking skills and exploration in the kitchen to make healthier options of my favorite desserts and snacks. I try to limit my recipes from refined flour, salt, oils, and sugar, and use fruits to naturally sweeten whenever I can.

Of course I’ll have my occasional processed junk food eating day, but it usually ends with me feeling sick, overly stuffed, and bloated. I then realize why I love eating healthy whole foods and start to crave a fresh bag of cold crispy green beans.

I have never been a huge fan of working out, but decided to try out all of the “free first class” offers that I could. I have tried numerous types of yoga, pilates, spinning, aerobics, and cardio classes until I found the love of my life and perfect match: The Bar Method. I encourage everyone to be open and try different types of exercise classes. Most websites have postings for your first class free, so why not give it a try? You won’t regret sweating it out for an hour, but you will regret not trying!

Healthy living doesn’t have to be all about the green, yogi life. I studied graphic design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising  and later on at Art Center College of Design. I’ve always been surrounded by creative individuals that share my same passion for fashion. If you know me, you will know that I absolutely love getting all dolled up. I think a healthy meal should be cooked up in a cute apron and plated like it was served at a trendy restaurant. Making healthy food should be fun! In college, my roommate and I used to have themed dining nights weather it be Japanese, Mexican, or Indian, each dish complete with traditional outfits and make-up, and a podcast of eclectic music specific to that cuisine.

Aside from being a total foodie, these are a few of my favorite things (cue sound of music!):
bunnies. bows. big hair. hello kitty. the gigantic eyes on anime characters. bright colors. totoro. boba. laughing. mochi. miniature things. pixar. baby animals. green beans. talking. mod. organization. building forts. cleopatra eyeliner. odd numbers. disney princesses. getting dressed up. keychains. frozen yogurt. zenon. eyelashes. cranium. coffee. bad reality tv. staying in. pop art. white dishes.

I make awesome homemade costumes, so get pumped for Halloween!
Oh, and I’m scared of balloons.

Join me as I concoct new recipes, try the latest trendy workouts, and search for the next big super food, all while having fun and staying fashionable!